Dependable Domestic Transportation

NXTPoint Logistics provides a full spectrum of domestic freight shipping and transport services as a licensed freight broker and asset-based motor carrier.

After listening to our customers share their challenges with one-size-fits-all transportation providers, and frequent communication break downs, cargo losses, damages, and costly delays on critical supply chain projects, NXTPoint Logistics began specializing in tailored high touch or white-glove domestic transport services. These include customized planning, coordination, and specialized services to address specific customer needs like time sensitive, high profile and high security shipments, special handling requirements, unique work hours, installation, detailed reporting, and on-site project management.

Our domestic transportation management solutions include:

  • Full truckload shipping (FTL freight)
  • Less-than-truckload shipping (LTL)
  • High-touch padded van transportation
  • Flat bed, heavy haul and rigging
  • Installation
  • On-site project management
  • Transportation program management including inventory reporting, scheduling, and vendor management

Domestic Transportation Solutions

Full-service Project Management

Full-service Project Management

Our comprehensive solutions also include enhanced project management services, such as vendor management, scheduling, inventory reporting and other value-added services that reduce complexity while lowering the cost of your resources involved in the supply chain. From organizing shipments to optimizing routes, we are committed to delivering seamless and cost-effective transportation management solutions.

Flexible and Responsive logistics

Flexible and Responsive

As a flexible and responsive logistics partner, we can deliver on your most complex and challenging requirements. Whether it’s uncommon delivery times and complex installations or strengthening your supply chain with dedicated ongoing support, NXTPoint Logistics ensures your valuable assets are transported with minimum risk, delivered on time, and within budget.

Greater Visibility and Minimized Risk

Greater Visibility and Minimized Risk

Our industry-leading transportation management systems (TMS), enable you to track critical domestic freight to easily keep your finger on the pulse of your supply chain. Our team of experts use an analytical mindset to assess risks from all angles and develop innovative strategies to mitigate them.

Case Study

To gain an edge on competition and cut costs, its cannery division decided to rely on rail as a main mode of transportation. To assist in this effort, the company wanted a 3PL provider with longstanding experience in the storage and handling of food, who also understood complexities of rail services operations.

Domestic Transportation FAQs

Domestic transportation—also called national transportation—refers to moving goods throughout a particular country within its borders, including loading and unloading the goods. This can happen on land, in the air, or by other means such as across waterways.

On land, ground-based domestic transportation can take place with trucks to move goods from one city to the next—or to the next state or from coast to coast. Rail transportation, sometimes used to transport larger and/or heavier goods, is another form of on-ground domestic transportation. These methods are typically the most cost effective but slower delivery compared to goods transported via air—which is usually the fastest form of transportation and more costly depending on origin and destination. (If items are especially bulky, air is usually not the best method to choose.)

In the United States, domestic transportation does not generally use waterways; that’s more commonly done when crossing the ocean for international transportation. Waterways can be used domestically, though, when transporting goods from the contiguous United States to Hawaii, Alaska or to U.S. territories like Puerto Rico.

As a licensed freight broker and asset-based motor carrier, NXTPoint Logistics can provide your company with a full range of domestic transportation services. From customized planning and coordination to project management and more, you can benefit from full truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping solutions, padded van transportation, flatbed services, final mile delivery, installation services, and more. We also provide companies with specialty services, including inventory reporting, scheduling and vendor management.

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Yes, we are a licensed freight broker for domestic transportation. This means that we serve as the interim professionals between shippers that need their goods to be securely transported and the carriers that have the load capacity to transport them. We efficiently connect key components of supply chain transportation, optimizing this process to your benefit.

Next up, we’ll track the carrier’s progress, keeping a careful account of pickups, drop offs and overseeing the entire transportation process. As we supervise the progress of your shipments, we’ll ensure that they arrive at the proper destination and that, from start to finish, the appropriate shipping regulations are carefully followed.

Benefits of choosing NXTPoint Logistics as your licensed domestic brokerage firm include our depth and range of carrier relationships, our expertise in freight brokerage, our flexibility and scalability. We close all gaps as we connect parties along the entire domestic transportation supply chain, managing all the details, keeping up with regulatory changes, and communicating with stakeholder parties throughout.

Specific services include:

  • Secure and efficient door-to-door delivery, including oversized cargo
  • Full truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight
  • Freight forwarding globally by air, ocean, and railways
  • Flexible warehousing in secure facilities
  • End-to-end supply chain management with integrated logistics and compliance focused transportation
  • Complete visibility into the entire supply chain so you can make important and timely decisions through industry leading warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS)

There are several ways to answer this question and, in each one, the answer is dependent on partnering with an expert freight broker for your company such as NXTPoint Logistics. One advantage of an experienced freight broker who delivers quality services is the amount of knowledge they have about the industry and about how to streamline the supply chain in optimal ways. For that to occur, your freight broker must have an in-depth network of carriers and other professionals to gain a competitive edge, including with the pricing. Another way to answer this question: you can benefit by their established efficiencies when you choose the right one-stop shop. This means that you don’t have to create a piecemeal plan for your freight management and delivery.

When you choose NXTPoint Logistics, you get the best of both worlds as we have the resources and capabilities of large logistics organizations with the scalability, flexibility, and personalized customer service of smaller, more niche logistics companies. To find out how this combination will benefit your company, please contact us!

When goods are transported around the country in efficient and safe ways, companies like yours can seamlessly connect with producers, manufacturers, and distribution hubs; meet the needs of your customers to deliver your products on time. This means that domestic transportation has a positive effect on individual people’s lives, businesses, and even national/global economies. When you use NXTPoint Logistics for your domestic transportation needs, you can count on expanded access to the marketplace at optimal pricing with efficient and timely delivery of your products.

To discuss your specific needs for transportation services in the United States, please reach out to our expert team.

NXTPoint combines the best of a small logistics company—one where we build relationships and bring personalized value to you—with the resources, technology and benefits of a large logistics company. From the first mile to the last mile, we’ll have you covered through customized solutions that dovetail with your requirements.

At NXTPoint Logistics, we believe in the power of partnerships, and we leverage them to the fullest to provide the strongest supply chain experience for you. We also believe in educating our customers on regulatory requirements and best practices to lower risk.

In all we do, we are fully invested in quality, health, and safety—and in our people, processes, and facilities—to reduce risks to your supply chain and brand. We have more than one million hours worked with zero reported injury incidents, which means that our expert team can continue, uninterrupted, in their roles as they provide consistently excellent service to you and your company.

Plus, we don’t just state our values: we live them. We vet personnel carefully before hiring the best of them, training them thoroughly in the proper techniques and in soft skills like quality communication and customer service. The result? Your brand is well represented when you choose NXTPoint Logistics. Let us earn your trust!


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