Third-Party Logistics Company FAQs

When you need both flexibility and strength in one 3PL company, NXTPoint Logistics is the answer. We provide you all the reach, scalability, resources, and industry leading TMS & WMS technologies of a large 3PL company, complemented with the attentive customer service and agility you would expect of a smaller 3PL.

While most 3PL logistics providers offer standard services like warehousing, transportation and fulfillment, NXTPoint Logistics sets itself apart by:

  1. delivering flexible solutions specially tailored to your business, leveraging deep experience and expertise in a broad range of vertical industries
  2. delivering specialized project management, managed logistics and value-add services that help take your business to the next level
  3. going the extra mile as a collaborative partner that takes care of you, your customers and your brand

No matter the size of your organization, you will have access to experts and resources that are often available only to major clients of other companies. We value every opportunity to help businesses grow and succeed with our full range of services and solutions customized to your needs, from freight brokerage and fulfillment services to last mile delivery.

Our ability to tailor our 3PL logistics solutions to your precise needs means that your costs will be in proportion to those needs. We can also scale our resources to adapt to changes in your business or marketplace, whether you need just a single service, such as warehousing distribution, or a complex solution that integrates fulfillment warehousing, logistics management, transportation brokerage, and more.

Our primary locations, diverse services and vetted partner network enables us to offer simpler, consistent and more streamlined processes that deliver efficiencies and savings. When you work with NXTPoint Logistics, you won’t be paying for the markups and layered costs that other logistics companies must charge.

Yes, thanks to our industry-leading, innovative technology that ramps up the speed and increases the accuracy of critical information. With NXTPoint as your specialized logistics 3PL partner, you can better manage your products’ journey or your project with benefits such as real-time fulfillment warehousing and inventory management through our Tier-1 WMS. You will have unprecedented visibility, consistency, and control of your supply chain from manufacturer to final destination.

We’re able to further reduce risk by being able to meet strict quality control standards in our tightly controlled company-owned locations and quickly adapt to your changing organizational and regulatory requirements. Our owned locations also give us the direct ability to provide market-leading health, quality, and safety performance.

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Logistics companies play a role in the planning, implementation, and management of the supply chain for goods transported around the world. Some supply chain companies provide the software needed for these intricate processes while others may provide high-level global logistics services. Some specialize in supply chain logistics for B2B shipping and fulfillment warehousing while still others focus on transportation logistics. At NXTPoint Logistics, we offer a complete supply chain solution through our broad menu of logistics services, including warehousing fulfillment services, FF&E logistics for restaurants, hotels and resorts, convenience stores, retail, last mile delivery services, transportation and freight forwarding.

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NXTPoint is a leading 3PL warehouse and logistics company that provides unsurpassed solutions, including industry-leading technology to increase your company’s performance while reducing cost, friction and risk. You will benefit from tailored solutions uniquely designed for your business, leveraging a flexible and scalable approach and a wide breadth of services from first mile to final mile.

Why Choose Us:

Alignment with Your Business Strategy and Objectives
We listen and understand your needs to deliver flexible, customized solutions for your unique business requirements.

Protecting You, Your Customers and Your Brand
We provide the highest level of care, mitigating risk and keeping your business secure, safe and compliant.

Collaborative Partnership
An engaged and proactive partner who understands and adds value to your business, working as an extension of your team.

Specialized Expertise
Benefit from our highly skilled and accomplished team with extensive experience across a variety of supply chain disciplines, industry verticals and best practices.

Dependable and Reliable
We’re committed to providing the highest level of service and support every time supported by proven processes and methodologies such as ISO and a best-in-class Quality Management System (QMS) program.

Consultative Approach
We will drive continuous improvement on cost, quality and performance through best practices, innovative methodologies, strategic insights and robust real-time data insights aimed to improve your business ROI.

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Last Mile Delivery FAQs

The last mile delivery process, in many cases, is the final leg of the transportation of goods to an end consumer or business. It includes the shipping of items from their point of origin to a warehouse or distribution partner to then execute this last mile delivery service. Last mile delivery can include special services such as inside delivery, assembly, installation or debris removal depending on service level, however, all last mile deliveries have a driver team providing customer service while representing your brand.

At NXTPoint, our customers get consistency in this process with our expertise in heavy goods delivery including furniture, mattresses, appliances, exercise equipment and other commodities that may require special handling. Above all, NXTPoint Logistics understands we are your brand’s customer experience resource and delivers an exceptional customer experience at every stage of the process.

Last mile delivery is a dynamic service that can be customized to a customer need. NXTPoint understands that last mile delivery is not a “one size fits all” type service and customer requirements vary. We take consideration to point of origin, warehousing needs, destination and specialized services when building a program for you. With a variety of service levels, NXTPoint Logistics offers a pricing program that meets your needs.

Last mile delivery tracking is used to communicate with customers and their consumers about when products will be delivered. While many last mile delivery companies offer some level of technology, NXTPoint’s proprietary Synoptic technology offers more visibility into the home delivery process and faster issue resolution, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction and reduced customer service expense.

NXTPoint offers a variety of services from comingled or multi-client solutions to dedicated services to best meet our customer’s needs. NXTPoint Logistics’ robust combination of owned assets and partner delivery network gives our customers the ability to plug into existing freight flows with other like commodity customers, while our best-in-class recruiting and driver retention programs make the assembly of a dedicated final mile delivery fleet configurable to each individual client.

White Glove Delivery FAQs

White glove delivery of oversized goods can include assembly, installation, deluxing, furniture repair, removals and reverse logistics of products like furniture, mattresses, appliances, exercise equipment and electronics.

Yes, in addition to delivering packages inside the home or business, our team of experienced professionals provides white glove assembly service and installation for customers.

Yes, after seamless assembly and white glove installation, excess packaging material is removed for a hassle-free customer experience.

Yes, to best serve our customers we offer a variety of final mile delivery solutions based on their needs including to-the-door delivery, threshold delivery, and room of choice delivery.

Room Of Choice Delivery FAQs

Room of choice delivery gives customers the option to select one room where last mile carriers can deliver oversized packages.

No, room of choice delivery does not include removal of packaging, assembly, or setup. Our white glove delivery offers an extended menu of services including assembly or installation, deluxing and removals.

Yes, using our proprietary Synoptic technology, we track and record all deliveries using customer signature for room of choice delivery.

Yes, a signature from someone 18 years or older is required at delivery.

Threshold Delivery FAQs

Threshold delivery is a type of final mile delivery where packages are placed in the first dry area of a home or business, such as the lobby of a commercial building, a garage, or foyer of a residence.

Through our last-mile tracking technology platform, Synoptic, our team of delivery experts digitally obtains signatures, sending proof of delivery details directly to your personalized Synoptic dashboard for easy one-step tracking.

To-The-Door Last Mile Delivery FAQs

To-the-door delivery is a contactless transportation of products from facility to the front entrance of a consumer’s home or place of business.

Through our proprietary last mile technology, Synoptic, packages can be tracked and managed in transit. Upon delivery, photo confirmation is uploaded into Synoptic and the customer is alerted with a notification confirming the destination, time and specific location.

One of the best features of Synoptic is real-time, visible access into the last-mile journey. At drop-off, the transporter takes a photo of the package and instantly uploads it to your personalized dashboard.

Yes, to best serve our customers we offer a variety of final mile delivery solutions based on our client’s needs including threshold delivery, room of choice delivery and white glove delivery services.

Reverse Logistics FAQs

Yes, we can haul away old or used products when delivering new products to your customers.

We offer several options when collecting returned products. We can store it locally in one of our over 100 warehouses around the nation, we can ship it back to your warehouse, we can send it directly to the manufacturer or we can dispose of the product. For furniture, we offer onsite minor repair services in many of our warehouses as well.

Logistics Manufacturing FAQs

We offer sub-assembly, kitting, sequencing, and other services to optimize your manufacturing process. Our expertise helps reduce costs and streamline operations.

Yes, we have dedicated space and staffing to handle product customization, sub-assemblies, kitting, and more - allowing you to focus on your core of manufacturing.

Definitely. Our warehouses can store components until needed, then customize and sequence products to reduce lead times.

Our robust Warehouse Management System (K1E) provides real-time visibility and consolidated reporting across all your warehouse locations.

We utilize a Tier-1 WMS named Körber One (commonly referred to as K1E and formerly known as ‘HighJump’) to enable inventory optimization, order processing, and warehouse task management.

Yes, through EDI and our customer portal you get 24/7 access to inventory levels, shipments, and reporting across your supply chain.

We coordinate all modes - LTL, FTL, parcel, intermodal, ocean, air. Our freight experts optimize mode and carrier selection for your needs.

Definitely - we identify distribution network optimizations to reduce costs and transit times across your supply chain.

Our technical teams seamlessly integrate your systems via EDI, API, and flat file transfers. This enables order automation and data sharing.

NXT Point Final Mile

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