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For retail store openings, remodels, seasonal roll-outs and closures, you need a trusted partner that can deliver quality store fixture installation services within your timeline and budget. NXTPoint is your one-stop-shop for all your logistics project management and retail installation services. We offer a broad menu of services combined with specialized expertise to give you customized, cost-conscious solutions with the quality, flexibility, and high-touch service you need—all delivered on time and on budget.

Our customers benefit from:

  • FF&E project management expertise with a consultative approach
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your brand, including seasonal and project-based needs
  • Customized and flexible services tailored to your store’s needs with no minimum volume requirements
  • Advanced transportation management system (TMS) and warehouse management system (WMS) for enhanced visibility and inventory control
  • Local touch with global reach

Retail Fixture Installation & Project Management

Certified Expertise

Certified Expertise

Unlike most retail fixture installation companies, NXTPoint Logistics is backed by 100 years of experience in end-to-end supply chain  services. From start to finish, NXTPoint Logistics is uniquely qualified to support logistics management in the retail industry having access to an extensive network of owned assets and a diverse selection of retail logistics services designed to streamline your project.

End-to-End Project Management

End-to-End Project Management

Our approach ensures that you receive consultative, streamlined support to guide and manage all your retail logistics and store fixture installation services, no matter the current phase of your project. We’re your single point of contact offering dedicated in-house supply chain management for new store openings and closings, remodels or refresh, full retail store rollouts, and much more.

Specialized Support

Specialized Support

NXTPoint Logistics has a dedicated team that is experienced in the unique challenges that face the retail industry such as long lead times for equipment. We understand that retail changes are rapid and have the experience to meet demands and the progressive mindset to adapt. Our FF&E experts can meet your retail needs in a variety of retail environments and provide proven, consistent quality.

Case Study

Product expansion led this footwear retailer to construct and remodel its existing retail locations with the help of NXTPoint Logistics. Through transportation and delivery coordination, NXTPoint Logistics delivered retail store fixtures/displays to 200 stores nationwide.

Retail & Store Fixture Installation FAQs

Retail fixtures are items that are used to display a store’s products. These can include shelves, display stands and racks, display cases, counters, clothing racks, display tables, storefront displays, window displays, mannequins, and so forth. These come in many sizes, shapes, and configurations so stores can pick the ideal fixtures that enable people to see and choose products in an organized fashion,

Besides the retail fixtures that are used to display items for sale, there are store fixtures such as lighting, point of sale systems, seating for customers, and so forth. These terms—meaning, “retail fixtures” and “store fixtures—are often used interchangeably or in tandem.

The world of retail fixtures is constantly evolving with technology and interactivity playing a part in some modern fixtures. Plus, in today’s world, people can choose between e-commerce and retail shopping experiences, so it’s vital to create retail installations that provide a satisfying and engaging customer experience. For example, a store might gravitate towards open floor plans to allow customers to freely navigate the space, find exactly what they want, and purchase items strategically arranged on retail fixtures.


Also known as “shop fitting,” retail installation involves the assembly and installation of fixtures in your store (as well as the planning and sourcing of your choices that takes place beforehand). Retail/store fixtures can include movable furniture, lighting fixtures, shelving, signage, racking systems, point of sale systems, and more to create a functional space that also meshes with your store’s brand.

When you’re ready for a new look, NXTPoint Logistics is your one-stop retail installation partner  for store openings, remodels, seasonal rollouts, and closures with a wide range of solutions that fit your timeline and budget. When you choose us, you’ll benefit from our certified expertise.

We’re backed by more than a century of experience in supply chain services, having unique qualifications to support retail industry logistics and streamline your projects.

From start to finish, you’ll benefit from project management services to guide your retail installations as we serve as your single point of contact. No matter what challenges you have with your retail installations, we’ve got experience in solving them as we meet your requirements with proven, consistent quality—and the ability to pivot quickly to adapt in the rapidly evolving retail industry.

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This term could refer to people who work for one of the retail fixture installation companies or refer to a company that performs retail installations. By choosing NXTPoint Logistics, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a dedicated team with specialized industry knowledge. We know how to smoothly address the challenges that can arise in this area, including long lead times for equipment, evolving logistical regulations, and so forth.

Like with any initiative, when it’s important enough to do, it’s important enough to do it right. When retail fixture installations are completed properly, the retail store now has a space with an environment that attracts customers and helps to keep them there with areas being used optimally with easy access to goods being sold.

When retail spaces are designed in a way that dovetails with shopping behaviors, customers will stay longer, shop more, and come back more often to make more purchases, which increases the store’s revenue and bottom line.

Today’s retail world is quite competitive, making optimal design crucial to create a functional yet engaging environment. When you’re looking at retail fixture installation companies, we invite you to contact NXTPoint Logistics. You’ll benefit from the century-plus logistics history that serves as our backbone, our extensive network, and diverse selection of retail installation services. We’ll provide you with streamlined consultative support throughout your project, no matter its current phase.

When you choose NXTPoint Logistics for your retail fixture installations, you’ll benefit from our furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) expertise, being freed up to focus on your store’s own core competencies. You’ll also benefit from how our solutions are scalable with no minimum volume requirements, allowing you to grow with your brand and address seasonal changes. Plus, with our retail fixture installations, you’ll have enhanced visibility and inventory control thanks to our advanced transportation management and warehouse management systems.

First, our experts provide a quality consultative experience whether you’re launching a store opening, remodeling shops, or rolling out new seasonal looks—and this is true no matter what stage you’re on with your project. We’ll work within your timeline and budget without any minimum volume requirements, providing single point of contact project management services throughout the process.

Then, unlike most retail fixture installation companies, we have more than a century in end-to-end supply chain services as our backbone. This means that we have the certified expertise that your retail establishments need as your retail fixtures and store fixtures are transported to your locations. From start to finish, NXTPoint will use just the right mix of owned assets and retail logistics services to get your fixtures where they need to be: safely, securely, and on time.

Plus, we’re true problem solvers. We’ve encountered plenty of challenges connected to retail fixture installation projects and are known for our ability to consistently solve them in quality ways. We can pivot quickly, scaling up and down as needed, which is crucial in the rapidly evolving retail industry.

Thanks to our furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) expertise, you can entrust us with your retail installation project, which allows you to focus on growing your stores. And, because of our advanced transportation management and warehouse management systems, you’ll benefit by having enhanced visibility and inventory control.

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