Shared & Dedicated Warehousing Services

Whether you’re a small business looking for cost-effective storage solutions or a large corporation in need of streamlined logistics support, we have you covered. As a leading warehousing, distribution and fulfillment company, NXTPoint Logistics’ flexible and scalable services offer shared and dedicated warehousing solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and capacity challenges. Access enhanced inventory management that enables business growth through specialized service, scalable space capacity, compliant processes, and advanced warehouse technology for better visibility, control, and efficiency.

Shared & Dedicated 3PL Warehouse Services

Flexible Space Options

Flexible Space Options

Operating with the complete use of a single warehouse or simply sharing the costs of space, labor, and technology are great ways to streamline inventory management. NXTPoint Logistics’ expansive warehousing and distribution resources offer the flexibility to scale product offerings, save on operational costs, and establish a presence in new markets.

Specialized Shipping and Warehouse Management

Specialized Shipping and Warehouse Management

Under one roof, pair flexible fulfillment warehousing with personalized shipping options to accommodate unique requirements. NXTPoint Logistics’ modern facilities offer climate-controlled environments, delicate and oversized inventory handling, advanced security, and cost-effective transportation that can seamlessly integrate into your existing supply chain systems.

Well-organized warehouse shelving for efficient inventory management

Global Marketplace

Marketplace expansion gives you the competitive advantage to reach new customers and drive business growth. Leveraging shared or dedicated warehousing in multiple markets empowers greater accessibility while saving money on equipment, labor, and value-added services as your business evolves.

Case Study

The project aimed to implement real-time trackable inbound and outbound transportation, storage, consolidation, and final delivery adhering to a strict construction schedule.

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