Reverse Logistics Management

Reduce supply chain issues with a single provider handling last mile delivery services and your reverse logistics needs. Whether you need options for haul away services or returns, NXTPoint offers a full menu of reverse logistics solutions all in one place. We specialize in reverse logistics of oversized goods, including furniture, mattresses, appliances, exercise equipment and electronics.

Moving excess product from the field to a final disposition status can be a complicated process. Many reverse logistics companies are not equipped with technology designed to reverse the final mile delivery process. At NXTPoint Logistics, our proprietary Synoptic technology was built with reverse logistics management in mind, making it easier to track products and ensure they are disposed of or shipped to the right place when haul away or return services are performed.

The NXTPoint Advantage

Reverse Logistics Services

Broad Menu of Reverse Logistics Services

As part of our value-add services, we offer a complete solution for your reverse logistics needs. Our reverse supply chain services include:

  • Return to store or customer warehouse
  • Store in our 100+ warehouses around the nation
  • Dispose of items with options for recycle and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Donate with management of the donation receipt capabilities for your financial benefit
Faster Issue Resolution for White Glove Final Mile Delivery

More Visibility into the Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

Our proprietary Synoptic technology offers more visibility into the reverse logistics process and faster issue resolution, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction and reduced customer service expense. Most supply chain management systems are designed for one-way transportation into a consumer’s home or place of business. Synoptic is just as effective in giving insight into the removal of items as it is in the delivery of oversized goods.

Last Mile Customer Service

Better Customer Experiences

Whether an item was damaged, canceled or incorrect, we understand how the removal of products is handled can have a big impact on your customer’s experience. By operating as an extension of your team, and using trained, highly skilled professionals we ensure better customer experiences and handle each reverse logistics service with respect, care and efficiency. Beyond proper removal techniques, our teams are trained on soft skills to improve the overall customer service experience including greeting customers, respecting each home or place of business, and ultimately delivering the highest level of service.

Reverse Logistics FAQs

Yes, we can haul away old or used products when delivering new products to your customers.

We offer several options when collecting returned products. We can store it locally in one of our over 100 warehouses around the nation, we can ship it back to your warehouse, we can send it directly to the manufacturer or we can dispose of the product. For furniture, we offer onsite minor repair services in many of our warehouses as well.

NXT Point Final Mile

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