Industry-Leading Last Mile Delivery Tracking Technology

Most transportation companies have software that shows when products get from point A to point B, but don’t give visibility into last mile delivery. At NXTPoint our proprietary technology, Synoptic, was designed to give you and your customers complete visibility into your supply chain, all the way through the final mile. Our last mile delivery tracking technology helps you manage the physical delivery, processes, and any post-delivery reverse solutions—all leading to more efficient issue resolution, reduced customer service expense and a better overall customer experience.

More Visibility into Last Mile Delivery

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Greater Control Over the Entire Delivery Process

Designed with the final mile process in mind, our innovative Synoptic application makes the last mile delivery process clearer and more transparent for retailers, shippers, drivers, and your customers. Synoptic offers complete visibility to the order process from warehouse departure to delivery facility, to the photo or signature confirmation of a delivery at a home or business. In one, easy-to-use application, you get real-time updates for delivery, installation and assembly, giving you more control over your supply chain.


Real-Time Exception Management

Built to deliver better customer experiences, Synoptic is uniquely positioned to advance the final mile process with built-in automated workflows that manage everything from simple, routine deliveries to complicated, complex or unexpected issues that arise. By automating exception management in real time, Synoptic ensures issues are tracked, monitored and resolved in a fraction of the time it takes other final mile delivery companies. This leads to faster resolutions and a better customer experience.

Custom Dashboard & Reporting

Custom Dashboard & Reporting

Standard transportation platforms often come with a standard view that limits or hides important information. Synoptic offers the flexibility to customize dashboards with tailored customer and agent views, all in one platform to ensure information is accurate and easily accessible to everyone.

NXT Point Final Mile

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