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Logistics Engineered for Gaming

The technology and gaming industry depends on efficient logistics to keep up with rapid innovation cycles and customer demand. NXTPoint Logistics provides specialized supply chain solutions tailored for the unique needs of tech and gaming companies. As a leading technology logistics company, our expertise in high value product distribution helps safely move the latest consumer electronics, hardware, and gaming consoles to market.

Our reverse logistics capabilities handle large volumes of returns and repairs to keep refurbished devices circulating. With warehouses strategically located near key markets, we can quickly redistribute inventory around launch events or in response to shifting consumer preferences or seasonal demands. NXTPoint Logistics leverages innovative logistics technology to provide clients with supply chain visibility and analytics. For tech brands setting the pace for innovation, NXTPoint Logistics has the logistics capabilities and technology integrations to help them maintain their competitive edge.

We offer a variety of gaming and tech logistics solutions featuring:

  • Streamlined international freight management and Customs clearance
  • Receiving, kitting, pick/pack/ship e-commerce fulfillment throughout strategically located warehousing and distribution centers across the US
  • Strategic product launch coordination of new devices and console releases to meet critical launch dates
  • High-touch, value-added services such as reverse logistics, repairs and refurbishment management to optimize product lifecycles and save our clients’ money
  • Contingency planning and timely delivery of replacement parts to repair facilities and customers
  • Tier-1 WMS gives end-to-end visibility and real-time data analytics, that give insights for better decision making

Case Study

NXTPoint Logistics expansive warehousing distribution and a dedicated repair site helped Fanatec manage capacity needs for its high-quality game system input devices. See how our tech logistics evolved Fanatec’s e-commerce supply chain.

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