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In the evolving healthcare industry, one thing remains constant: the need for an unwavering focus on compliance, safety and risk management. When it comes to transportation, storage and distribution of sensitive materials and devices, the ability to track and manage risks across the supply chain is paramount. NXTPoint Logistics’ reliable and specialized medical supply logistics services ensure your products are handled with fully compliant healthcare regulation standards and complete visibility from temperature-controlled sites to customized kitting and labeling to final mile parcel delivery.

From raw materials manufacturing to order fulfillment, every step is meticulously monitored and documented to guarantee quality and safety. With people's health and well-being at stake, we understand there’s no room for error. At NXTPoint Logistics, we prioritize risk management and maintain a sharp focus on inventory management systems throughout your health logistics supply chain.

We offer a variety of healthcare logistics solutions featuring:

  • Domestic and international transportation from first mile to last
  • Highly trained quality management professionals ensuring operations meet government and industry regulatory standards
  • We are flexible, scaling with your business – we can operate on-site at your facility or manage your operations at one of our 30+ owned and operated facilities across the US
  • Greater control, tracking and visibility of goods through our Tier-1 Enterprise Warehouse Management System (WMS), Körber One
  • Value-added, high touch services such as raw materials handling, labeling, kitting and returns management services for optimized healthcare logistics flow

Case Study

Dedicated warehousing of raw materials, onsite personnel, and country-specific repackaging helped this medical device manufacturer adjust to supply shortages and limited transportation capacity. See how NXTPoint Logistics’ exclusive medical supply logistics solution evolved their supply chain.

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Get flexible healthcare logistics solutions that scale to meet your needs.