Last Mile Threshold Delivery

Ensure your packages are safely delivered to your customers with trained professionals that act as an extension of your company making delivery day a great experience for your customers. NXTPoint’s threshold delivery brings packages into a dry, secure area, protecting customers’ purchases from weather, theft and damage by ensuring products are properly delivered.

Using our proprietary last mile delivery software, Synoptic, we make it easier to schedule appointments and for customers to know when to expect their delivery, leading to a better experience. In addition to a scheduled delivery date, each delivery includes obtaining a customer’s signature, which is tracked with Synoptic, so you can see in real-time when a delivery is complete.

  • Delivery to the first secure, dry area of a home or business
  • Flexible delivery window
  • Signature required
  • Real-time delivery tracking

Secure, Next-Level Delivery

Faster Issue Resolution for White Glove Final Mile Delivery

More Visibility into Threshold Delivery

Designed with the last mile delivery process in mind, our innovative Synoptic application makes it easy to schedule your customers deliveries while giving you more insight into the final mile process. Get real-time last mile delivery tracking, updates on scheduled, in-transit and complete deliveries and more control over issue resolution when you partner with NXTPoint.

Last Mile Customer Service

Better Customer Experience

When going inside your customers home, we understand we are an extension of your business and ultimately can make or break a customer experience and your brand’s reputation. Backed by our parent company, Suddath®, we have over 100 years of experience successfully going into very personal spaces like people’s homes and businesses. Our teams are trained on how to properly handle and deliver products, as well as soft skills to improve the overall customer service experience. Greeting customers, respecting each home or place of business, and ultimately delivering service with a smile for a better experience every time.

Threshold Delivery FAQs

Threshold delivery is a type of final mile delivery where packages are placed in the first dry area of a home or business, such as the lobby of a commercial building, a garage, or foyer of a residence.

Through our last-mile tracking technology platform, Synoptic, our team of delivery experts digitally obtains signatures, sending proof of delivery details directly to your personalized Synoptic dashboard for easy one-step tracking.

First, these services are both forms of final mile—or last mile—delivery. So, what is threshold delivery? This is final mile delivery where our expert team will place packages in the first available dry area to protect the goods in efficient ways. This includes threshold home delivery (which can include delivering packages to the residents’ foyers) as well as commercial applications, which could include delivery to a business lobby or garage. 


White glove delivery, meanwhile, is something different. It involves the final mile delivery of oversized goods, ranging from furniture to appliances and mattresses to electronics, exercise equipment, and more. This service can also include the assembly and installation of these oversized goods along with deluxing the delivered goods, furniture repair, removal of goods, and reverse logistics. 

If you know what services you need, just reach out. Or, you’d like to discuss what services would fit your needs, we’d be happy to discuss options to create a personalized solution.

NXTPoint Logistics offers both threshold services for businesses and threshold home delivery. This last mile delivery service puts packages in a dry, secure area on the premises to protect them against damage, theft, and weather-related events.


To smoothly schedule appointments, we use Synoptic, which is a proprietary software for last mile deliveries. This software also allows customers to know when deliveries should arrive, which improves customer satisfaction with the delivery experience. We obtain customer signatures digitally with each delivery, which allows you to track them—scheduled, in transit, and completed deliveries—in real time and gain transparent insights into the final mile delivery. You’ll benefit from seamless one-step tracking as we directly send proof of delivery details to your personal dashboard. When you partner with NXTPoint Logistics, you’ll have more issue resolution control. 

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

In general, factors that go into the cost of threshold home delivery services include the weight of the packages with more weight equaling higher costs. Dimensions also matter with larger sizes of packages taking up more room in the truck. Distance is another factor because more mileage equals the need for more fuel. As another factor, how quickly the package is set to be delivered can make a difference with faster delivery increasing the price. 

Because each shipment can have a different mix of these factors, there’s no one single answer to this question. NXTPoint has big negotiating power, and we get our customers the best prices available. So, to get answers about your specific threshold home delivery costs, please provide us with the details.

Threshold delivery is one type of final mile delivery services that are expertly provided by NXTPoint Logistics. Others include the following:

  • White glove delivery: This focuses on oversized goods delivery, which could include furniture, mattresses, electronics, appliances, exercise equipment, and so forth. Additional features of white glove delivery include the assembly and installation of delivered goods, deluxing, furniture repair, removal of items, and reverse logistics. 
  • Room of choice delivery: With this last mile delivery service, customers can choose the specific room where carriers will place their oversized packages. This gives customers greater flexibility to boost satisfaction.
  • To the door delivery: This service provides delivery to the front entrance of your customers’ homes or business locations: the front door, porch, or driveway. 
  • Reverse logistics: You can reduce your supply chain challenges when you use the same provider for last mile deliveries and reverse logistics services. When NXTPoint delivers new products to your customers, we can also remove used ones as a haul away service or to process returns to their final disposition status. 
  • Exception management: Although NXTPoint has an excellent track record of on-time deliveries, delays can occur with weather issues, holidays, customs delays, damaged or missing labels, or a lack of someone available to accept the package. To reduce pain points for an enhanced customer experience, we offer tech-driven exceptional management solutions, including NXT Star, to improve visibility and save your company money. 
  • Value-added last mile services: These include the assembly of large and bulky products, installation, and so forth. 

Your company will likely need a unique mix of these last mile delivery services. Our logistics experts will gladly design a program to precisely meet yours. Contact us to talk about the specifics. 

First consider the answer to this question: “What is threshold delivery?” It’s a form of final mile delivery that can be used for threshold home delivery and for deliveries to businesses. If this is the kind of flexible delivery service you need—and you want safe, secure delivery in the first dry area available (the first dry area could be a commercial lobby or garage or a resident’s foyer)—then this sounds like the right kind of service for you. To find out more and to tailor a program for your specific needs, please contact us.

Our safe and secure threshold delivery provides next-level service with more visibility into the last mile delivery process. Our modern Synoptic technology solution makes scheduling your deliveries simple, and you benefit from real-time final mile delivery tracking. This includes seamless updates on scheduled, in transit, and completed deliveries. If there’s ever an issue, you have more control over its resolution. 


NXTPoint Logistics effectively acts as an extension of your brand as we properly handle and deliver products in ways that satisfy customers and protect your brand reputation. Backed by our parent company, Suddath®, we leverage their century-plus of experience in going into people’s homes, business, and other personal spaces to provide the ultimate in customer service that’s delivered with a smile. 


Plus, we design personalized programs to dovetail with your specific needs with a broad range of services designed to meet them. Let’s talk! We look forward to serving you.

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