Value Added Services in Logistics & Warehousing Distribution

Beyond traditional warehousing, transportation, and shipping, NXTPoint Logistics’ value-added services offer the flexibility to scale your operations as per demand, reducing overhead costs, improving product quality, and maximizing profitability. Parallel to a wide breadth of warehouse and distribution services, our value-added logistics services cover a variety of fulfillment amenities for refined supply chain management. From customized packaging and labeling to reverse logistics, design a distribution strategy that can handle end-to-end fulfillment and meet diverse market needs.

Our comprehensive menu of value-added services include:

  • Inspection and kitting
  • Labeling and relabeling
  • Manufacturing support and assembly
  • Postponement and product adjustments
  • Rework and test services
  • Temperature controlled, food-grade certified and medical-compliant storage

3PL Value Added Logistics Services For Warehouse & Distribution

Custom Labeling, Kitting, and Packaging

Custom Labeling, Kitting, & Packaging

Pick-pack-ship efficiently by bundling products for easy-to-pick packaging and simplified SKU tracking. With tech-enabled innovation, NXTPoint Logistics can introduce operational improvements such as rearranging products, order consolidation, and specialized labeling for specific branding and compliant international shipping.

Logistic Team Organizing Shipment

Reverse Logistics

As a collaborative value-added warehousing partner, we can work with you to design a reverse logistics strategy encompassing product repair service, reworking, recycling, and disposal. Our dedicated warehouse management team processes returned merchandise via inspection and repacking, storing sellable inventory aside for resale.

Dedicated quality control team inspecting products for defects

Inspection & Compliance

We ensure your products are inspected with extra care, following quality control protocols, and reviewing appearance, function, and other conditions aligned with buyer expectations. From checking for defects to verifying specifications, NXTPoint Logistics optimized value-added services to maximize safe and efficient production.

Case Study

Through its 10+ year logistics warehouse partnership, NXTPoint Logistics’ expertise and resources have helped this company navigate evolving landscapes by providing additional warehousing storage and other value-add services.

NXT Point Final Mile

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