NXTPoint logistics company values

3PL Experts That Care for Your Customers

At NXTPoint Logistics, we understand your products and inventory are the most valuable assets. That’s why we protect your brand and ensure a positive customer experience by operating as an extension of your team using highly skilled and trained logistics professionals who handle your unique cargo with respect, care, and efficiency. You can depend on us to listen to your needs, understand what is most important to your business, and be accountable at every step in the supply chain.

Living Our Values

Your customers judge your company by our people. That is why we hire the best personnel and train them in the proper techniques, as well as the equally important customer service and soft skills to ensure your brand is well represented.

about nxtpoint logistics-Trust


We earn trust through transparency, honesty, and integrity in all interactions. We are dependable and follow-through on our commitments and promises. We take responsibility and are accountable for our actions. We do what is right, even when no one is watching.

Greater Visibility and Minimized Risk


We look for ways to continuously improve our customer and employee experience. We solve problems through constant learning and creative thinking. We challenge the status quo to improve how we work. We take smart risks and learn from our mistakes. We ensure everyone’s voice and ideas are heard and considered.



We collaborate through common goals as one team. We provide frequent, transparent communication with ongoing feedback. We welcome constructive debate and diversity of ideas. We encourage and support each other to ensure that each team member is successful. We appreciate each team member, recognizing and celebrating contributions.

about nxtpoint logistics-Caring


We show empathy in all we do with compassion and understanding. We respect and value each other’s perspectives. We promote a safe and healthy work environment. We support employee growth, development and well-being. We demonstrate care for our community and environment.

about nxtpoint logistics-Agility


We overcome challenges by being nimble and resilient. We are willing to quickly accept, drive, and adapt to change. We empower our people to make decisions. We proactively anticipate and identify problems and opportunities.

NXT Point Final Mile

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