Making Last Mile Exceptions Management Exceptional

As a final mile delivery provider, NXTPoint Logistics make every effort to ensure that shipments meet their estimated delivery dates, however there are instances where the ability to deliver on time is beyond everyone’s control. This could be due to Customs delays, holidays, weather, damaged or missing labels or even that the customer wasn’t home to accept the package.

But being prepared for such events and responding to customers when it does happen can greatly affect their experience and satisfaction with the retailer and/or brand.

Fortunately, a new generation of tech-driven exception management technology like our platform NXT Star reduces these pain points, improves visibility, enhances customer experiences and can save your business money.

Exception Management Services

In the intricate world of supply chain management, the efficiency of every link in the chain is pivotal. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, final mile delivery can make or break the entire logistical process. This critical phase can face challenges and, if not handled correctly, can unravel the entire supply chain and erode customer trust. We excel in this dynamic phase and help businesses understand and prepare for exceptions rather than trying to prevent them.

Real Time Responses

Real-Time Responses

Real-time responses are crucial in supply chain management and a lack of visibility can leave businesses in the dark and customers dissatisfied. Our high-tech Synoptic platform gives retailers real-time delivery tracking, intelligent allocation, and on-call exceptions assistance, all accessible through a cutting-edge API.

Anticipating and Preventing Exceptions

Anticipating and Preventing Exceptions

Our final mile experts at NXTPoint Logistics have extensive experience, understand this critical link in the supply chain and will listen to you to better understand your business goals and objectives. We are proactive and use exception management technology to anticipate and adapt to peculiarities before they become problems. Our solution empowers businesses to navigate these challenges seamlessly, ensuring timely deliveries and delighted customers.

NXT Point Final Mile

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