E-commerce Fulfillment & Distribution

Grow your online business with reliable e-commerce fulfillment services that can help build trust, ensure timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. Fulfillment issues, such as mislabeling, lost items, and wrongful delivery, can hinder sales growth and your brand’s reputation. With NXTPoint Logistics, experience fine-tuned e-commerce logistics solutions that give you the competitive advantage and flexibility to scale up or down, store and track products, manage timely shipments, and retain and attract customers with efficient, cost-effective delivery.

Next-Level Ecommerce Distribution & Order Fulfillment

Store Products and Track Inventory

Store Products & Track Inventory

Through an expansive network of owned assets and advanced warehouse management software, NXTPoint Logistics can house your inventory according to customer demand, strategically mapping storage placement for efficient ecommerce order fulfillment and retail logistics. For proactive product handling, our tier-1 WMS technology, Körber, offers real-time visibility into inventory levels, enabling effective management of complex e-commerce models.

Package and Label Orders

Package & Label Orders

Packaging your products with speed, accuracy, and care is our top priority. NXTPoint Logistics’ pick-pack-ship process streamlines product sourcing through designated kitting and assembly zones, packing stations, and custom label placement. Items are protected and secured with sustainable packaging materials and handled with consistency and quality assurance.

On-time Shipments

On-time Shipments

From order receiving to shipment, our warehousing and distribution team ensures customer orders are expedited for timely delivery. NXTPoint Logistics’ flexible e-commerce distribution and fulfillment services can seamlessly adapt to your shipment strategy, offering global freight options through various carriers.

Retail Reverse Logistics

Retail Reverse Logistics

Handle product exchanges, returns, and repairs with ease. Our expansive resource network can help you prioritize a reverse supply chain management strategy for a hassle-free consumer experience. Maintain customer confidence in your brand and ensure your reverse logistics processes add value to your supply chain.

Case Study

The right 3PL partner needed the capability to flux with volume variances throughout the year and easily receive and send international shipments.

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