warehousing distribution 3pl fulfillment
warehousing distribution 3pl fulfillment

3PL Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment Services

NXTPoint Logistics provides flexible warehouse fulfillment center solutions that do not require the expensive long-term commitments and volume guarantees of other large providers. As a collaborative warehousing distribution partner, we work with you to meet seasonal fluctuations and drastic shifts in demand without adding unnecessary long-term fixed costs. From one-location traditional fulfillment warehousing to complex omnichannel and final mile delivery solutions in multiple markets, NXTPoint Logistics has the scalability to strengthen your supply chain.

Because we own our primary warehouse distribution centers, we directly control the quality process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and your key performance targets, while saving you on costs versus non-asset-based providers and brokers who add an unnecessary layer of markups. Integrated with innovative technology, we provide clients unmatched visibility and control to track products, remain flexible, adapt to demand, and quickly respond to market needs.

3PL Warehouse: Fulfillment & Distribution Services


Ecommerce Fulfillment

Ensure your brand makes a positive, lasting impression on all your consumers – consistently with ecommerce product fulfillment. We provide real-time order tracking and meaningful, actionable data insights through our Tier-1 Warehouse Management System (WMS).

B2B Order Fulfillment

B2B Order Fulfillment

We can help you manage your B2B wholesale order supply chain. By listening, we will understand your customers’ needs and sales velocity, ensuring goods are readily available based on consumer demand.

Shared & Dedicated Warehousing Blue

Shared & Dedicated Warehousing

Depending on your needs, footprint and service requirements, we have the flexible and scalable warehouse capacity wherever you need to be – shared and dedicated.

High-Touch Value Added Services blue

High-Touch Value-Added Services

NXTPoint offers tailored value-added services like pick/pack/ship order fulfillment, custom labeling/kitting/packaging, assembly, repackaging, exception management, product inspection and testing services.

3PL Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment Services FAQs

“3PL warehouse” stands for a “third party logistics warehouse.” This business model allows for companies like yours to outsource their supply chain and logistics needs to experts like NXTPoint Logistics where we seamlessly handle inventory storage and fulfillment needs. We safely and securely hold inventory; provide enhanced inventory management in flexible, compliant ways; fulfill orders; and accurately and efficiently ship your inventory to your customers. By leveraging our 3pl warehousing and distribution expertise, you can focus on growing your business—confident that your warehousing and logistics are being optimally managed—while saving money on equipment, labor, and more.

To understand the concept of 3pl warehouse services more fully, it can help to consider what this doesn’t involve. This isn’t the same as a company maintaining their own private warehouse and handling all of the work and expenses associated with that endeavor. Instead, with 3pl warehouse services, you can take that responsibility off your hands, outsourcing it to experts.

3pl warehousing and distribution is the smart choice when you want to focus on your core business rather than storing, managing, and shipping inventory. It also makes sense if you currently have a private warehouse and you’re running out of inventory space or are looking for a more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective model. In other words, if you no longer want to be handling warehousing and fulfillment tasks yourself, outsourcing these services to a 3pl warehouse can be an ideal solution. You may also decide to switch to a 3pl warehouse when you’re expanding your reach, geographically speaking, and want to choose the optimal routes to get your products from your business to the customers you serve. Or, your geographies may remain the same but you’re manufacturing or otherwise having more stock because of increasing demand for your products. To discuss your business needs for warehousing and fulfillment services with an expert, just reach out!


The warehousing and logistics world has become increasingly more complex as companies have become interconnected to one another in intricate ways and as they gain a more global reach. This situation was further complicated during the pandemic years, causing companies to need to create enhanced supply chain and logistics strategies. With so many factors involved in these strategies, no one system works for all companies, and it can take plenty of professional analysis to determine what is best for your business. Fortunately, 3pl warehousing and distribution experts like NXTPoint Logistics come to the rescue, seamlessly handling warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services in today’s multiplex world.

Our services include:

If these 3pl warehousing and distribution services would enhance your business, please contact us.

Absolutely! First, you can avoid or eliminate in-house expenses that are required to manage all the supply chain and logistics functions while paying only for your share of the shared warehousing space provided in the 3pl warehouse. As your needs change, flexible warehousing and fulfillment services allow you to scale up or down as needed to match demand to avoid unnecessary expenses.

3pl warehousing and distribution experts can efficiently and cost effectively provide their services—ones that they specialize in providing—freeing you up to focus on growing your business and maximizing profits. This also gives your business time and space to investigate other cost-cutting measures that will benefit your company.

NXTPoint Logistics has a well-established transportation network, using today’s top technologies to smoothly get your inventory where it needs to be: on time and in excellent shape, which can boost customer satisfaction. We have invested in Korber One, a tier-1 warehouse management system (WMS), so you don’t need to cover those costs yourself, and we leverage this tech for the most efficient and cost effective distribution services possible.

We do. Besides offering traditional warehousing, logistics, and shipping, our 3pl value added services allow us to create a customized experience that’s targeted just for you. You can benefit from scaled services to match your levels of demand along with personalized services that include:

Plus, we remain thoroughly up to date with regulatory requirements and can educate you on best practices to reduce risk.

You can select the services that fit your needs without paying for whichever add-ons don’t dovetail with your requirements. Our professional team is highly experienced in constructing just the right mix of services for our clients, and they’ll be happy to do the same for you.

With NXTPoint Logistics, you benefit from scalability, flexibility, and great service. We quickly adapt to market-driven needs, responding rapidly. NXTPoint Logistics combines the benefits of a large 3pl warehousing and distribution company with a smaller one, providing you access to experts and resources without requiring long-term commitments or volume guarantees. Our specialized engineers, compliance experts, and other professionals will augment your resources with our agile technology providing your business with unmatched adaptability. We collaborate with other logistics providers, too, to strengthen your supply chain.

So, when you want and need exceptional services from a 3pl warehouse, which includes solutions tailored just for you, with a commitment to quality, health, and safety, choose NXTPoint Logistics.

NXT Point Final Mile

Get flexible distribution center solutions that scale to meet your needs.