Nationwide Remodel Coordination for a Specialty Branded Footwear Retailer

footwear retailer logistics case study

The Challenge

A specialty branded footwear retailer decided as a business to expand their product offering by selling kid’s shoes at 200 of their 500 brick-and-mortar retail locations. The current 3,000 square-foot footprint of the stores created some limitations on the ability to add new display fixtures. Therefore, the company needed to do minor construction and remodel existing retail locations. They needed a retail FF&E logistics provider who could coordinate with the display manufacturer and on-site construction teams and deliver the fixtures at a specific time after hours when the stores were closed.

The Solution

NXTPoint Logistics was selected because we have locations throughout the United States and could facilitate the delivery of the new kids’ shoes fixtures/displays in a timely manner. NXTPoint Logistics picked up the new fixtures/displays from the supplier in Virginia and delivered them to 200 stores nationwide. NXTPoint Logistics was able to pair different store requirements into one truck load and transport and deliver fixtures/displays needed for two stores. This helped to significantly control our client’s costs. The client also provided the construction schedule for each retail location.

NXTPoint Logistics planned accordingly and delivered the fixtures the night before the remodels were complete, therefore the fixtures wouldn’t sit in the store during construction. This decreased the likelihood that the fixtures would be damaged or dusty prior to the retail location opening for business the next day.

“NXTPoint Logistics put a plan in place to strategically condense the fixtures needed for two stores into one truckload. This streamlined the process and ultimately saved us a lot of money.”

Client Testimonial

Key Services

  • Coordination with dispay manufacturer
  • Transportation and delivery to retail locations
  • Coordination with construction contractors