B2B Fulfillment

Strengthen operations and boost efficiency in fulfilling orders to other businesses and retailers. From complex product volumes to time-consuming order configuration, NXTPoint Logistics can manage any challenge through streamlined order processing, cutting-edge technology, inventory tracking accuracy, and reliable shipping. Globally, we have a B2B fulfillment network connecting major markets and facilities to accommodate your business capacity and production needs. Our dedicated enterprise fulfillment team and warehousing services prioritize customer care and ensure an optimized supply chain journey.

B2B Shipping & Wholesale Fulfillment Services

Dedicated staff managing and organizing inventory

Better Inventory Management

At NXTPoint Logistics, we leverage our advanced warehouse management software to provide insight into performance, shipping, demand forecasting, and costs. With our tier-1 WMS technology, Körber, you gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, enabling effective high-demand order management and insight into labor needs.

Professional freight truck driver at the wheel

Versatile Freight Shipping

Because of heavy volume orders, shipping requires a B2B fulfillment partner capable of handling complex freight shipments. Our tech-enabled warehousing distribution and transportation network makes it easy to submit purchase orders and deliver your products globally via expedited shipping methods.

Dedicated customer support team assisting customer

Responsive Customer Care

Whether issues with suppliers, receiving products, or returns, our dedicated team can help with timely resolution and ensure fulfillment support reduces errors, delays, and slate customer demand. We’re committed to providing exceptional service at every touchpoint, seeking to improve the B2B customer experience through quality care.

Case Study

Invested in fostering a global vendor network, pairing the clients intricate infrastructure with compatible 3PL logistics would help optimize order fulfillment services, product management, multi-market shipping, and demand-driven space expansion.

NXT Point Final Mile

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