Compatible Supply Chain Solution for Western Footwear Manufacturer

Optimize Sustainability and Address High Demand

western footwear logistics case study

The Challenge

An innovative western footwear manufacturer and the fastest growing boot company in the world, is dedicated to making a lasting difference by producing high-quality, comfortable footwear for any lifestyle. Its extensive range of styles, from outdoor to work, are made using recycled materials and sustainable practices, establishing an impactful connection between everyday wear and the planet. Their 100% carbon-neutral framework and mass production of footwear, generating 1-2 million products annually, requires a streamlined warehousing and distribution solution that can efficiently manage its growing supply chain.

Invested in fostering a global vendor network while prioritizing comfort, community, and sustainability, pairing the clients intricate infrastructure with compatible 3PL logistics would help optimize order fulfillment services, product management, multi-market shipping, and demand-driven space expansion.

The Solution

As our client’s sole 3PL logistics partner for North America, NXTPoint Logistics designed a comprehensive warehousing and distribution solution to store, 2017 process, and fulfill products. From receiving incoming drayage to dedicated full-service warehouse support, NXTPoint Logistics’s abundant resources, reaching markets nationwide, offers western footwear brand a preferred space capacity solution as its product demand continues to grow.

For optimum space flexibility, NXTPoint Logistics extended its dedicated MULTI-SITE warehousing for this client from 105k sq ft. to 165k sq ft., establishing a seven-year facility lease agreement to accommodate inventory fluctuations. Through an integrated, Tier-1 warehouse management system, Körber, inventory is fully visible, tracked in real-time, and pallet-rack configured for fast, efficient order fulfillment. The warehouse space features eco-friendly components, such as recycled packaging materials, LED lighting and energy-saving motion sensors, paired with fuel efficient freight transport in shipping recycled materials and charitable donations where needed.

Key Services