Sustainable and GFSI-Certified Contract Warehousing

For Large Domestic Sugar Manufacturer

sugar manufacturer logistics case study

The Challenge

Sustainability is this major raw sugar manufacturer’s leading priority. For over a century, they’ve delivered premium sugar products to consumers through generational sugar cane farming, innovative mill production, and efficient crop harvesting, perfecting waste reduction throughout their journey.

They needed a warehousing distribution solution that could handle their high-volume and velocity commodities and meet strict guidelines through sustainable practices. While its South Florida production is optimized, its limited warehouse space was impacting their business growth goals. With fluctuating crop seasons and an expected higher sugar cane demand in the coming years, the business needed a reliable 3PL partner with accessible warehousing storage for product overflow and an optimized distribution network.

The Solution

Continuing their 15-year partnership, NXTPoint Logistics redesigned a flexible supply chain solution that maintains cost efficiency, meets rigorous GSFI food safety certification, and provides substantial warehouse storage to service distribution needs for multiple markets. In expanding the raw sugar manufacturer’s logistical footprint, NXTPoint Logistics acquired additional warehouse space to accommodate the company’s growing demand and distribution priorities for receiving domestic and imported products.

The process involved a complete warehouse conversion to the new Mid-Atlantic location, transitioning NXTPoint Logistics systems, quality control processes, and hiring new staff to support the expansion. Now, NXTPoint Logistics manages three distribution warehouses: two in South Florida and one in the Mid-Atlantic. These facilities are solely dedicated to storing and distributing an average of 200,000 raw sugar products annually.

To complement the company’s sustainable infrastructure, NXTPoint Logistics manages the logistics between the client and a food service product manufacturer that recycles sugar cane waste to make paper products. Aligned with NXTPoint Logistics’ commitment to reducing energy consumption and waste, transportation supporting the Mid-Atlantic operation will be utilizing a cleaner, low-emissions fleet.

The Results

  • Three dedicated GFSI facilities
  • Engineered cost reduction solutions
  • Reduced cost in transportation, labor, and procurement
  • Access to deeper resources
  • Long-term sustainability

Key Services

  • Drayage
  • Warehouse storage and distribution
  • FTZ certification and compliance
  • Distribution management of domestic and imported product