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  • The highest level of care to protect your brand and budget
  • Specialized expertise across a broad range of industries
  • Trusted, collaborative partner delivering quality results
  • Strategic insights and visibility to manage your business


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NXTPoint Logistics provides a complete range of end-to-end supply chain solutions spanning from distribution, warehousing and fulfillment to managed FF&E logistics, transportation and final mile delivery. With broad 3PL capabilities, market-leading technology and deep vertical industry expertise, we help clients reach greater levels of efficiency, service and profitability.

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Serving more than 100 clients, from small-to-mid-sized businesses to some of the world’s best known brands.

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We're everywhere you need to be, served by 30+ owned facilities and our extensive partner network.

Third-Party Logistics Company FAQs

When you need both flexibility and strength in one 3PL company, NXTPoint Logistics is the answer. We provide you all the reach, scalability, resources, and industry leading TMS & WMS technologies of a large 3PL company, complemented with the attentive customer service and agility you would expect of a smaller 3PL.

While most 3PL logistics providers offer standard services like warehousing, transportation and fulfillment, NXTPoint Logistics sets itself apart by:

  1. delivering flexible solutions specially tailored to your business, leveraging deep experience and expertise in a broad range of vertical industries
  2. delivering specialized project management, managed logistics and value-add services that help take your business to the next level
  3. going the extra mile as a collaborative partner that takes care of you, your customers and your brand

No matter the size of your organization, you will have access to experts and resources that are often available only to major clients of other companies. We value every opportunity to help businesses grow and succeed with our full range of services and solutions customized to your needs, from freight brokerage and fulfillment services to last mile delivery.

Our ability to tailor our 3PL logistics solutions to your precise needs means that your costs will be in proportion to those needs. We can also scale our resources to adapt to changes in your business or marketplace, whether you need just a single service, such as warehousing distribution, or a complex solution that integrates fulfillment warehousing, logistics management, transportation brokerage, and more.

Our primary locations, diverse services and vetted partner network enables us to offer simpler, consistent and more streamlined processes that deliver efficiencies and savings. When you work with NXTPoint Logistics, you won’t be paying for the markups and layered costs that other logistics companies must charge.

Yes, thanks to our industry-leading, innovative technology that ramps up the speed and increases the accuracy of critical information. With NXTPoint as your specialized logistics 3PL partner, you can better manage your products’ journey or your project with benefits such as real-time fulfillment warehousing and inventory management through our Tier-1 WMS. You will have unprecedented visibility, consistency, and control of your supply chain from manufacturer to final destination.

We’re able to further reduce risk by being able to meet strict quality control standards in our tightly controlled company-owned locations and quickly adapt to your changing organizational and regulatory requirements. Our owned locations also give us the direct ability to provide market-leading health, quality, and safety performance.

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Logistics companies play a role in the planning, implementation, and management of the supply chain for goods transported around the world. Some supply chain companies provide the software needed for these intricate processes while others may provide high-level global logistics services. Some specialize in supply chain logistics for B2B shipping and fulfillment warehousing while still others focus on transportation logistics. At NXTPoint Logistics, we offer a complete supply chain solution through our broad menu of logistics services, including warehousing fulfillment services, FF&E logistics for restaurants, hotels and resorts, convenience stores, retail, last mile delivery services, transportation and freight forwarding.

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NXTPoint is a leading 3PL warehouse and logistics company that provides unsurpassed solutions, including industry-leading technology to increase your company’s performance while reducing cost, friction and risk. You will benefit from tailored solutions uniquely designed for your business, leveraging a flexible and scalable approach and a wide breadth of services from first mile to final mile.

Why Choose Us:

Alignment with Your Business Strategy and Objectives
We listen and understand your needs to deliver flexible, customized solutions for your unique business requirements.

Protecting You, Your Customers and Your Brand
We provide the highest level of care, mitigating risk and keeping your business secure, safe and compliant.

Collaborative Partnership
An engaged and proactive partner who understands and adds value to your business, working as an extension of your team.

Specialized Expertise
Benefit from our highly skilled and accomplished team with extensive experience across a variety of supply chain disciplines, industry verticals and best practices.

Dependable and Reliable
We’re committed to providing the highest level of service and support every time supported by proven processes and methodologies such as ISO and a best-in-class Quality Management System (QMS) program.

Consultative Approach
We will drive continuous improvement on cost, quality and performance through best practices, innovative methodologies, strategic insights and robust real-time data insights aimed to improve your business ROI.

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At a high level, you’ll want a third party logistics provider that seamlessly, safely, and securely receives and warehouses your inventory; manages it well while in storage; accurately picks and packs orders when receiving requests; efficiently and cost effectively ships orders in ways that build and then maintain customer trust and satisfaction; and handles returns well.

More specifically, after a 3pl logistics company of choice accepts—or “receives”—products, they should keep careful records of what products they have in what quantity, storing them strategically for ease of retrieval. While the products are in storage, they should be well managed. When an order is placed, the 3pl logistics company should make it easy to request shipments, ideally using software that makes the process as smooth as possible.

The warehouse team would then receive a picking list, gathering together the right products in the correct quantities before using quality materials to wrap the items and negotiating shipping prices to get the best deals to transport them safely and securely. Quality third party logistics providers can also offer 3PL value added logistics services that can range from custom labeling to kitting and much more.


Looking for a 3pl logistics company that offers the 3pl services your company needs is important—and so is the experience and reputation of the provider. If you outsource to a third party logistics provider, it’s crucial that they have the expertise and finesse to handle your inventory and fulfillment in ways that you can trust.


You’ll also want a third party logistics provider that can expand and scale with you as your company’s reach does—both geographic reach and in inventory volume—and flexibly adapt to circumstances such as your company’s seasonal demand. As one more factor, the provider you choose should provide competitive pricing for the services they offer.

First, working with the right 3pl logistics company, like NXTPoint Logistics, will save you two of your most precious resources: time and money. You will no longer need to invest capital into maintaining your own logistics network or provide the labor. Quality providers like NXTPoint specialize in logistics and have extensive networks of relationships; because of these relationships, they can often negotiate better pricing, which they can pass onto your company in the form of discounts.

Plus, as far as the warehousing portion of the third party logistics provider’s services, you only pay for your space; contrast that arrangement to owning or renting a warehouse that may often have empty shelves (whether it’s because your business is in a time of reduced manufacturing or if it’s because product demand has increased), and you can easily see the 3pl benefits.

Here is another key benefit: you can leverage the expertise of the 3pl logistics company, which can include regulatory knowledge, best practices, transport/import/export documentation, and much more. All of this allows your company to focus on your core business and of growing it in ways of your choice.

A quality 3pl logistics company provides flexibility to mesh with your business’s supply and demand; there are no redundancies when sales and shipments are down and, as needed, the 3pl logistics company can rapidly respond to demand surges. When your business chooses an experienced third party logistics provider with a wide network, this can help you to enter new markets.

Then, when all of the logistics are seamlessly handled, this can boost customer satisfaction, which can translate into increased sales and positive word of mouth business marketing.

When you choose NXTPoint Logistics, you can count on alignment with your business objectives as we mitigate risk and fulfill your logistics strategy. You’ll benefit from our specialized experience across supply chain disciplines and industry verticals. We’re extremely reliable, using proven processes such as ISO and a world-class quality management system program. Throughout, we focus on saving you time and money as we provide real-time insights into your logistics.

Companies in a wide range of industries benefit from 3pl services: from manufacturing firms to retail and restaurant establishments, pharmaceutical/medical companies, ecommerce, industrial manufacturing companies, hospitality establishments, gaming and tech businesses, and much more. Any time that a company ships some sort of product and would like to focus more on their core competencies and less on figuring out how to warehouse, manage, and fulfill on inventory orders, they should consider a 3pl logistics company.

If you currently rent or own a warehouse facility and oversee inventory management and shipping functions, it can make sense to analyze the costs and benefits of continuing to do so. Quite often, it’s a better business move to use a third party logistics provider. By using 3pl services, you no longer need to worry about running out of warehouse space—or wasting money by having empty shelves in the facility. You no longer need to hire and oversee an inventory management/logistics team, and it’s no longer your job to negotiate shipping prices. Instead, you can outsource these functions to the professionals and leverage their expertise.

Here’s another time to consider a third party logistics provider: you’re expanding your geographical reach and need more logistical support or you want an experienced logistical partner to open doors for your expansion through their connections and networks. Or maybe the amount of inventory you’re managing and shipping is increasing, and you need professional support to keep servicing your customers.

Or, you may just want to explore the possibilities! No matter which category you fall into, if you have questions or want to discuss options, contact our 3pl expert team.

If you belong to industry associations or have connections with colleagues who would be willing to share recommendations for a 3pl logistics company, it makes sense to create a list of possibilities. Ask people who recommend companies to share what they like about the third party logistics provider.

You can then explore the companies on your list, making sure that they offer the 3pl services that your business needs, and that they’re scalable and adaptable to accommodate fluctuating demand, growth spurts, and so forth. What technologies do they use?

How long has this third party logistics provider been in business? What references and testimonials can they provide? What customizations and value-added services can they offer your company? You don’t want a 3pl logistics company that can’t adapt to your needs, especially in today’s rapidly evolving supply chain world. Ask them how they can save your company time and money and any other questions that are important to your business.

NXTPoint Logistics checks all of these boxes, strengthening your supply chain and its resilience through outstanding warehousing, inventory management, and logistical services. We offer the resources and support that big third party logistics providers do while offering you the personalized 3pl services associated with smaller companies. From the first mile through the last mile, we offer exceptional services and support. To hear more about the NXTPoint Logistics difference, please contact us online. We’d be happy to listen carefully to your business 3pl  logistics needs and recommend targeted 3pl solutions that fit your company’s goals for:

Yes! NXTPoint Logistics offers threshold delivery as well as a full suite of last mile delivery services

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