Logistics Agent Partners and Carriers
Logistics Agent Partners & Carriers

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NXTPoint Logistics is redefining logistics through innovative services, capabilities, and technology handling all types of products – from fragile electronics to temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals to high-value goods needing secure transport.

Leveraging over 100 years of experience in moving and logistics from our parent company, The Suddath Companies, NXTPoint Logistics is one of the fastest-growing independent agent partner networks in the US. Using our industry-leading technologies, we deliver better customer and agent experiences with more visibility into the supply chain at every step and advanced features that make it easier than ever for your team to get the job done efficiently.

Why Work With NXTPoint Logistics

logistics advanced technology

Advanced Technology

Our innovative technology gives more visibility into the supply chain and better, faster issue resolution. This technology makes our agents’ jobs easier to manage, increasing your success throughout the entire process, from first to final mile.

logistics company growth opportunities

Growth Opportunities

As a fast-growing business, we have a wealth of growth opportunities and offer competitive fees to our agents. You chose the zip codes you want to serve, and we will provide the orders to help fill your daily routes, making your organization more efficient and profitable. A partnership that focuses on expanding your success as much as ours.

easy to work with logistics company

Easy to Work With

At NXTPoint Logistics, we consider all our partner agents a part of our family. We build relationships by getting to know our carriers and drivers and collaborating with them for continuous runs. Our partners benefit from quick pay and 30-day terms, and we offer fuel advancements as an added incentive.

logistics tools and training

Tools & Training

At NXTPoint Logistics we help improve your crews by providing best practice training available to any active partner wanting access to learn from an organization with over 100 years of logistics management experience. We equip all our carriers and partners with the tools and training necessary to provide great customer experiences, business growth management techniques and other valuable business and leadership skills. With NXTPoint Logistics we are partners in every sense of the word.

financial stability with logistics

Financial Stability

Through NXTPoint Logistics you can achieve growth and financial success. We are backed by a $900+ million global transportation, relocation and logistics company, and with these resources we have the strength to help you and your organization become the leader in the markets you serve.

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