200 Deliveries to 87 Countries for Hughes Network Systems

Ocean, Air and Freight Solution to Reach Remote Islands

logistics case study for hughes network

The Challenge

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES®), the global leader in broadband satellite technology and services, needed to modernize the communications infrastructure for a major multinational organization. The project was very important, as it provided the electronic equipment and satellite dishes needed to transmit data from more than 200 global sites, including some of the most remote locations around the world.

To execute this project, Hughes needed a reliable global logistics provider to warehouse, kit, crate, and ship telecommunications and satellite devices to worldwide locations, including many remote islands. While the islands were difficult to access, the project was further complicated by the fact that many of the locations are not served by commercial cargo aircraft large enough to handle the cargo size. Therefore, the project required a combination of air and ocean freight.

The Solution

Because of its worldwide connections and expertise, NXTPoint Logistics® was able to provide the specialized experience and guidance needed to accommodate this project.

Working out of their Dulles, Virginia location, the international logistics department of the NXTPoint Logistics team managed the process. NXTPoint Logistics received the shipments from the equipment suppliers and began warehousing the equipment. Then, NXTPoint Logistics consolidated the electronics with the satellite dishes that were drop-shipped from the supplier. Once the electronics were at the NXTPoint Logistics facility, engineers installed and configured them to verify all the electronics were in proper working order to make installation at the remote sites as simple and efficient as possible. With the electronics kitted and ready to go, NXTPoint Logistics packed and crated them in custom-made wooden crates, prepared the final shipping documents, and dispatched the shipment via airfreight for international delivery.

The Results

Because NXTPoint Logistics has partnerships around the world, it coordinated with in-country partner agents regarding customs clearance, and most shipments were handled on a tax-free and duty-free basis. In total, NXTPoint Logistics handled more than 200 shipments to 87 different countries using a combination of air freight and ocean freight to reach some of the very small, remote islands in the middle of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

All shipments were delivered, and project start-up times were met, without loss or damage. The go-live date for all the new equipment was successful, and the relationship between the customer and NXTPoint Logistics continues to grow. NXTPoint Logistics’ capabilities in connecting with far-reaching, challenging environments continue to evolve through partnerships like this, and the impact can be seen around the globe.

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