6 Ways Green Transportation Benefits the Environment and Your Business

winding road green transportation

An increasing number of providers are focusing on sustainable transportation or “green transportation.” A $1.5 + trillion industry, transportation plays a vital role in helping address the issues of emissions and its effect on the environment. Ready to make a positive impact on the environment? Contact us today for sustainable commercial moving, logistics, and relocation services tailored to your needs. Together, let’s drive towards a greener future! Forms of sustainable transportation can include:

1. Reducing Trips.

Green transportation providers combine smaller shipments into one to reduce the number of trips. This method of over the road transportation is known as Less Than Truckload (LTL) and helps reduce gasoline consumption and emissions.

2. Aerodynamic/Efficiency Modifications.

Trucks are designed to conserve fuel through changes to both the truck body and specialized tires.

3. Emissions Control.

Using fuels that produce fewer CO2 emissions and adding modifications like Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are two ways in which trucks can lessen the impact of greenhouse gas through sustainable transportation.

4. Following Air Quality Requirements.

Although they originate in California, air quality improvement rules instituted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) set a national precedent for the reduction of emissions. They include:

  • Using low rolling resistance tires– minimize wasted energy
  • Adding side skirts– increase aerodynamics for fuel efficiency
  • Less idling – drivers shut engines off when not on the road
  • Alternate power sources– include battery packs, electrical hookups and diesel power

5. And At Sea.

Emerging “megaships” can combine more shipments into one and are designed with structural and systems efficiencies.

6. Partner With Companies Who Care.

If your company is not in the transportation business, you can still scrutinize the practices of vendors and supply chain partners for how well they support green transportation.

Other environmentally friendly practices can include transitioning to digital filing, signatures and bills; implementing company-wide conservation practices to reduce paper and unnecessary lighting; and even recycling and reviving furniture and fixtures to lessen waste.

Conservation & Economy: Mutual Benefit

Aerodynamic changes, efficiency changes, fuel conservation practices and waste reduction not only lessen the impact of air pollutions on the environment, but they also save money. Transportation companies, their customers and their partners stand to benefit in numerous ways from green transportation for generations to come.

We’re proud of our compliance in California with CARB requirements. Contact us for more information about our sustainable transportation practices and ways we can meet your transportation needs.