Can Technology Bring More Customers to Your Restaurant?

restaurant kiosk technology

“Whether it’s a quick service or a casual dining experience, the goal for your restaurant is to get more customers connected with your brand which will result in the growth of repeat visitors. Especially with the most rapidly growing customer base being the millennial generation, catering your brand experience to them is key.

Logistics project management technology has propelled the restaurant industry forward in ways we never imagined possible. Whether it was transforming the ways brands market to guests or even the way your customers place an order – the link between convenience and customer loyalty is easy to see. With advances like voice-controlled smart home devices on the rise, many restaurants are wondering if they can take orders from a voice command software.

At the same time, if your guest has connected with your brand at such a level that they would ask their smart home device to order for them chances are they have no intention of leaving their couch. They most likely would prefer to enjoy their favorite meal in the comfort of their own home.

Perhaps the answer to building customer loyalty in the millennial age and increasing business does not necessarily mean physically getting customers into your location. As counterintuitive as this might sound, increasing the flexibility of your brand increases the chances of creating loyal repeat customers, which remains the goal.

From smart phone apps to social media, being able to instantly interact with the restaurants is a level of convenience that millennials seem to be demanding more and more. Can your brand provide an experience that gives customers an opportunity to make a pre-order, provide feedback, become a part of a loyalty program, or download coupons?

If not, you might want to begin looking at some of the dining giants who are actively pursuing these advancements. It is not as simple as one would imagine, as a voice command system requires specialized programming to account for accent detection and customization. Multiple rollouts might be necessary to ensure no confusion and accuracy before public usage.

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