3 Reasons Container Use Is on the Rise

containerization loading liftvan

The idea for using standardized containers for the moving and storage of freight was born in 1955 by Malcolm McLean. Since then, the containerization of freight services has been on the rise, in part due to these three reasons.

1. Driver shortages are worsening.

With fewer moving and storage drivers in the U.S. today, the efficiencies of using containers allow freight services companies to continue to deliver excellent value and service to their customers. This is welcome news, since the causes of driver shortages—which include an aging workforce that struggles to attract younger drivers, and increasingly strict regulations and screening requirements—aren’t letting up.

2. Standard containers boost intermodal transport.

Standardized containers can be moved easily by truck, rail and ship, a combination called intermodal transport. Freight services can move containers from ship to truck in a matter of minutes. This has caused the use of domestic intermodal transport to double in the last decade, according to the Intermodal Association of North America.

3. Containerization increases moving and storage security while decreasing damage.

The increase in security and the reduced likelihood of damage offered by containers is a win for moving companies and consumers. Containers remain sealed until they reach their final destinations, leaving little to no opportunity for loss, theft, or damage.

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