4 Questions to Ask Your Third-Party Logistics Provider About Post-Delivery Policies

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When vetting a third-party logistics partner, post-delivery may be one of the last things on your mind. While it seems far away, it’s important to understand a 3PL company’s policies before signing a contract to verify you’re covered from start to finish for each project. In our three-part blog series, NXTPoint Logistics® walks you through the most important questions to ask a third-party logistics company.

1. How will I know next steps post-delivery?

During a kick-off call, your third-party logistics provider should counsel you on next steps after the last fixture delivers. Based on your contract, there are some timelines and milestones that cannot be missed post-delivery. This kick-off call is critical as it sets the stage and expectations for how you will work together for the project.

2. What is your claims process?

The claims process is another item that your third-party logistics company should carefully guide you through as this is very detailed and specific based on the type of insurance coverage you have. The timeline for when you must file is also critical and there are no exceptions for missing the deadline. Your logistics provider should advise you to ensure you file your claims in a timely manner.

3. What is your go backs and re-order policy?

When the last fixture delivers on a roll out project your logistics provider should help you coordinate with the internal supply chain team to make sure there is no additional FF&E in the warehouse. Your logistics provider will want to ensure there are no needs for “go backs” meaning going back to deliver more out or any re-orders for anything that might be needed to replace damaged product. If there are reorder or go-back needs, this should be expressed up front and timely based on the terms of your contract.

4. Do you do a post-install debrief?

Following a project, a quality 3PL company will want to meet with your internal team to learn what worked and what didn’t. Having all parties involved maximizes the conversion and brings clarity to what can be improved upon. A post-install debrief is as important as a kick-off to set the stage for the next project. This also continues to support a strong relationship across all providers and manufacturers for a progressively smoother delivery every time.

At NXTPoint Logistics, we want to empower you with the knowledge and expertise to make the right decision with it comes to choosing a third-party logistics provider. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for services and solutions customized to our clients’ needs. As a 100-year-old company, we have the expertise to support your projects from start to finish, as well as vetted partnerships around the globe helping us serve over 150 countries. If you have any questions about post-delivery policies or if you would like to talk to our dedicated global logistics team about your upcoming projects, contact our team today.

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