Just-In-Time Deliveries During FF&E Construction Mean no Lost Profits

You’ve secured the perfect location, negotiated favorable lease terms, and hired a world-class design firm. The custom booths, heavy equipment, and shelving have arrived and are ready for install, yet your site is still under construction, permits not yet finalized, meaning you have no place to put these furnishings. What now?

This limbo is typical for retail, restaurant, and hospitality brands planning a new build or store refresh. And if furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) arrive well before the site is prepped, costs add up quickly. Not only are you met with storing bulky items off-site while enduring schedule overruns, but the bigger impact comes once doors open. Without required essential gear, seating, fixtures, and decor elements ready upon opening, you miss the crucial opportunity to wow guests and start driving revenue from day one.

Perfectly Timed FF&E Arrival

Savvy operators mitigate the profit perils of lagging FF&E with help from an experienced logistics partner. One able to liaise between numerous equipment vendors and manufacturers to coordinate consolidated, just-in-time deliveries. Rather than accept suppliers and manufacturers standard lead times, a trusted and reliable logistics liaison aligns production schedules for everything from custom seating, ceramics, glassware, charbroilers, POS systems, AV components and beyond – with site construction timelines.

Utilizing Shared Warehouse Spaces for Efficient Inventory Management

One key aspect of implementing just-in-time deliveries is finding the right storage solution. Shared warehouse spaces have emerged as a popular option for companies looking to optimize their FF&E inventory management. These shared spaces enable multiple stores to house inventory in a centralized location, reducing individual storage needs and associated costs.

With access to more space, you can acquire a wider range of products in bulk or assigned to a specific location and simplify the procurement process. Shared warehouse spaces often come equipped with advanced inventory management systems and technologies. These systems enable real-time tracking of inventory levels, automatic reordering, and efficient allocation of incoming deliveries. By leveraging the technology provided by shared warehouse spaces, companies can further enhance their just-in-time delivery strategies and improve overall efficiency.

Consolidating Shipments Drives Delivery Efficiency

Once custom furnishings and equipment production aligns with site construction, streamlining transportation from manufacturers through delivery adds even more savings. Rather than costly, fragmented shipments trickling in from various vendors, an equipped 3PL logistics provider consolidates all FF&E onto shared containers and trucks headed to one destination – your new site.

By consolidating shipping with a capable logistics partner, you can maximize cost savings and coordinate orders alongside project timelines. Whether sourcing furnishings domestically, through nearshoring, or overseas, consolidated shipping saves significantly over fragmenting coupled with inflated vendor transportation costs. Plus, your FF&E logistics partner can facilitate site deliveries and room placement of inventory when needed while cutting substantial costs.

For companies juggling many vendor relationships, it’s near impossible to align on your own. But an experienced logistics provider, like NXTPoint Logistics, makes it their mission to facilitate final site deliveries just as contractors and painters add their finishing touches. With supply chain oversight, furniture gets unloaded straight into hotel suites, kitchen tools go from truck to prep station, and technology integrates immediately instead of weeks post-open.

By handling quality control, customization, consolidated transport, and precise installation oversight, NXTPoint Logistics optimizes the procurement journey for zero operational hiccups right out the gate. As an extension of Suddath’s 100+ year history in logistics management, NXTPoint helps properly outfit new sites on time and on budget, and synchronize planning for a seamless move-in, grand opening, and quicker path to profitability. Learn more about our FF&E logistics project services.