PODCAST: The Logistics of Customer Experience with Scott Perry

Logistics of logistics podcast

In the latest podcast for The Logistics of Logistics, host Joe Lynch sat down with NXTPoint Logistics President of Moving and Logistics, Scott Perry, to discuss five key areas that play a critical part in impacting the overall customer experience through the supply chain.

They talk about how customers expect third-party logistics (3PL) providers to go above and beyond. Things like honesty, transparency and consistency are imperative to developing strong partnerships. Because these companies rely on their 3PL provider to serve their own customers, they become an extension of their team and influence how their customers perceive their brand. A big part of this is providing the technology for complete visibility and control over supply chains. To have true control over the customer experience, Lynch and Perry agree one key focus area is the need for more than just technology.

“Resources (people) are the most important pieces of the equation,” Perry said. “The technology gives visibility, but visibility to what? The people that are behind that are instrumental and having those resources focused on what that customer’s expectation is and how we deliver to that, and how we provide that visibility is extremely important. So, the people side to the equation is a huge component of how we execute and go to market. And if we don’t have them fully engaged then the technology will give visibility to a really, poor experience.”

Listen in to learn the other four areas impacting customer experience on The Logistics of Logistics Podcast.