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To maintain a competitive edge and safeguard your business, continual reinforcement of your supply chain is imperative in today's swiftly evolving business arena. The selection of the right third-party logistics (3PL) partner is paramount.

Within the diverse spectrum of options, you'll encounter a gamut of providers, ranging from modest 3PL companies in Minneapolis to global giants. At both ends of this spectrum, advantages and drawbacks become evident in terms of scale, capabilities, sophistication, responsiveness, and flexibility. Frequently, businesses find themselves compromising between the expansive capabilities of large 3PL firms and the personalized service and flexibility of smaller counterparts.

Enter NXTPoint Logistics, where compromise is unnecessary. We blend the robust resources and might of a major logistics provider with an unwavering commitment to being the most agile and adaptable entity in the industry. This distinctive fusion encapsulates the best qualities of a smaller enterprise while incorporating the scale, stability, resources, and financial strength of a larger partner. This sets us apart within the industry, ensuring a fortified and resilient supply chain without any concessions.

Our client base spans from small enterprises to global conglomerates across diverse industries, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, e-commerce, technology, food, healthcare, and military. At NXTPoint Logistics, our capabilities encompass a wide spectrum, spanning from warehousing and freight brokerage to intricate distribution center services. With our arsenal of resources, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology, we are poised to take your supply chain’s performance to the next level.

Comprehensive Minneapolis Logistics Services

freight logistics management
Transportation & Freight Management

Transportation and freight management play pivotal roles in the global movement of goods and materials. NXTPoint manages the planning, optimization, and execution to ensure the efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods from manufacturers to consumers.

3pl warehousing distribution
Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment services are the backbone of modern commerce, encompassing the storage, sorting, and timely delivery of products to customers. We manage these integral components, ensuring products are available and swiftly and seamlessly reach their intended destinations.

logistics project management
Logistics Project Management

From décor to digital menu boards, NXTPoint Logistics handles some of America’s largest and most geographically diverse FF&E logistics projects. Our experience allows us to bring you proven industry best practices to reduce risk and avoid costly mistakes.

last mile logistics
Final Mile Delivery

We increase our clients’ and their customers’ satisfaction by giving greater visibility into and control over the delivery of over-dimensional, heavy goods including furniture, mattresses, appliances, exercise equipment and electronics.

Why Choose NXTPoint Logistics

Personalized Support, Substantial Resources

Big Company Resources, Personal Approach of a Small Company

Learn how we give you the flexibility and service of a small provider with the resources, innovative technology, sophistication and 100 years of experience of a large 3PL provider, all leading to a no compromise solution that strengthens your supply chain.

Commitment to Quality, Health and Safety

Commitment to Quality, Health and Safety

Our commitment to quality and safety across all facets of our operations mitigates risks to your supply chain. Explore how our established processes and owned facilities, coupled with our focus on health and safety, enhance customer satisfaction, offering consistent warehouse management and control.

Innovative Technology Delivers Better Insights

Innovative Technology Delivers Better Insights

Our suite of industry-leading technology applications provides better control over your supply chain. We help you minimize risk and increase performance with real-time warehouse and inventory management, task management technology and an application that gives you visibility from manufacturer to destination.

Local Capabilities

Our warehouse located in Minneapolis, MN operates 129,000 squarefeet of space and utilizes Körber One, a Tier-1 warehouse management system. This facility is conveniently close to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport which is 15 minutes away.

NXT Point Final Mile

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