Flexible Tampa Logistics Solutions

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, ensuring the strength and adaptability of your supply chain is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and safeguarding your business. A key decision in this process is choosing the right third-party logistics (3PL) partner. The market offers a range of options, from smaller 3PL companies in Tampa/St. Pete, to global industry giants. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, including scale, capabilities, responsiveness, and flexibility. Often, businesses find themselves in a dilemma, torn between the extensive resources of large 3PL firms and the personalized service of smaller ones.

Enter NXTPoint Logistics, a unique solution that eliminates the need for compromise. We combine the robust resources and capabilities of a major logistics provider with an unwavering commitment to flexibility, scalability and adaptability. This distinctive fusion captures the best qualities of a smaller enterprise while incorporating the scale, stability, resources, and financial strength of a larger partner, setting us apart in the industry and ensuring a resilient supply chain without any concessions.

Our client base spans diverse industries, from small enterprises to global conglomerates in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, ecommerce, technology, food, medical and military sectors. At NXTPoint Logistics, our wide-ranging capabilities encompass warehousing, freight brokerage, and high-touch distribution center services. With our arsenal of resources, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology, we are ready to elevate the performance of your supply chain to the next level.

Local Capabilities

Our brand new, state-of-the-art 194K square-foot facility will be operational in January 2025 and is located at 2001 Suddath Park St. in Tampa, FL and centrally located with proximity to major highways (I-4 and I-75), Port Tampa Bay and Tampa International Airport. The warehouse is ideal for high-touch warehousing, distribution and fulfillment services such as Ecommerce. The building has a 36-foot clear height, 33 dock doors, an early-suppression fast-response sprinkler system, and is built on a seven-inch slab which meets 2,000-pound pallet weight industry standards.

Tailored Tampa Logistics Services

freight logistics management
Transportation & Freight Management

Transportation and freight management play pivotal roles in the global movement of goods and materials. NXTPoint manages the planning, optimization, and execution to ensure the efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods from manufacturers to consumers.

3pl warehousing distribution
Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment services are the backbone of modern commerce, encompassing the storage, sorting, and timely delivery of products to customers. We manage these integral components, ensuring products are available and swiftly and seamlessly reach their intended destinations.

logistics project management
Logistics Project Management

From décor to digital menu boards, NXTPoint Logistics handles some of America’s largest and most geographically diverse FF&E logistics projects. Our experience allows us to bring you proven industry best practices to reduce risk and avoid costly mistakes.

last mile logistics
Final Mile Delivery

We increase our clients’ and their customers’ satisfaction by giving greater visibility into and control over the delivery of over-dimensional, heavy goods including furniture, mattresses, appliances, exercise equipment and electronics.

Why Choose NXTPoint Logistics

Big Company Strength, Small Company Care

Big Company Strength, Small Company Care

Get the flexibility and responsiveness of a small provider with the sophistication, experience, resources, financial strength, and technology of a large 3PL organization for a solution that means no compromises and a stronger supply chain.

Nationwide Capacity, Global Reach

Nationwide Capacity, Global Reach

With more than 30 owned facilities around the nation and a vetted, dependable partner network, we give you consistency, speed, flexibility and savings no matter where you need as your business grows and expands into new markets.

See More, Do More - With Our Innovative Tech

Innovative Technology: More Visibility, More Control

We’ve created a power suite of industry-leading technology that offers more and better control over your supply chain to decrease risk and enhance performance. From real-time warehouse and inventory management to a first-of-its-kind task management application that gives you visibility from manufacturer to destination, our advanced tools add to the strength of your supply chain.

Local Capabilities

Our warehouse located in Clearwater is a state of-the-art Class A 85,000 square foot facility. This warehouse is conveniently located near St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport.

Tampa 3PL Services FAQs

We offer a full range of 3PL Tampa services: procurement project management, warehousing, reverse logistics, and more with secure, efficient transportation being provided every step of the way. Our third party logistics in Tampa also include specialty services such as these:

  • Transportation & Freight Management: From international freight forwarding via air or sea to facilitating drayage at ports, full-truckload transportation, less-than-truckload transportation, and final mile delivery to homes and businesses, we offer complete, tailored transportation solutions.
  • Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment: In Clearwater, we have a Class A facility of 85,000 square feet serving the Tampa area, located near the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. This serves as the center of our warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment portion of our Tampa 3PL services.
  • Logistics Project Management: As a leader in third party logistics in Tampa, we provide multiple vital functions, synchronizing them well, so you can focus on growing your business while we handle the day-to-day project oversight for your store opening, closure, remodel or product roll out.
  • Final Mile Delivery: Our Tampa 3PL services truly are comprehensive as we deliver through the last mile for heavy, bulky and oversized products like appliances, furniture, mattresses, electronics and exercise equipment.

Centers for our third party logistics in Tampa are strategically located by highways, railroads, and the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. Put this together and benefits of our Tampa 3PL services are clear. Your business can benefit from our logistics services by enjoying reduced overhead, eliminating the need for you to own, staff, or manage your own fulfillment centers. 

With our third party logistics in Tampa, you can scale up and down, as needed, and you’ll benefit from our advanced technologies and established expertise, enjoying enhanced delivery times that streamline your business and satisfy customers.

We do! We understand the importance of quality customer service—and that includes same-day order processing.

We provide options from returning products to customer warehouses or stores, keeping them in our warehousing, or disposing of excess products by recycling or other environmentally friendly solutions. We can donate the goods for your financial benefit and manage your receipts. Having a trusted and efficient process for exception management is crucial to ensure your customers’ experiences with your brand are great even when everything doesn’t go exactly as planned.


Absolutely! We use highly skilled, well trained team members who understand how, as an extension of your brand, they must use soft skills that create a positive customer service experience. We consider that in all we do: greeting customers, respecting their property, and otherwise providing the highest levels of customer service.

NXT Point Final Mile

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