20+ Year Partnership Supporting Chuck E Cheese’s

chuck e cheese logistics

The Challenge

Entertainment, a/k/a Chuck E Cheese’s, needed a flexible supply chain solution to meet their changing needs. With games being a huge part of their business, it’s important to maintain the necessary inventory, including the right games for CEC’s core audience, which are kids ages three to eight. Wanting to put the best games in the right areas means a sliding scale for priorities from year to year and determining whether that results in more money being spent on refreshing more stores or investing in the newest games. Plus, integrating an efficient supply chain is key to handling the company’s specific method of grouping markets to maximize spend on games and minimize spend on shipping.

The Solution

Ranging from transportation and warehousing to final mile delivery and installation, NXTPoint Logistics provided a solution consisting of multiple strategies for CEC’s store refresh and game enhancement projects. NXTPoint Logistics managed complex metropolitan deliveries of cumbersome 10-foot games and other machinery alike.

The typical game enhancement process takes place on a tight six-hour timeline, exchanging games at a location by engaging three air-ride vans organized by the number of old and new games being moved. Then, those extracted games either go into warehousing space or are transferred/upcycled to different stores. Through a significant amount of planning, prioritizing safety, and operational standards, NXTPoint Logistics coordinated truckload and transportation processes that efficiently transferred used and new games within minimal timeframes.

The Results

Using NXTPoint Logistics’ advance technology, CEC’s FF&E inventory was successfully tracked as products were transitioned through warehouse stages. Also, CEC remained within budget supported through analytical insight following year over year data and spend habits to better forecast effective supply chain operation. NXTPoint Logistics’ dedication and customer service ensured vendors were properly managed and minor issues were promptly resolved, presenting a better experience for the business and the kids enjoying CEC’s festivities.

Key Services