Luxury Caribbean Resort

luxury caribbean resort logistics case study

The Challenge

A leading luxury hotel chain was looking for a company to manage a variety of services for their new $500 million resort under construction in Anguilla. The project required a company with immense experience in supplier purchase order management, inbound transportation, consolidation in a storage facility with complete inventory control, quality assurance of products, outbound transportation and installation of construction materials, landscaping materials, FF&E, decorative lighting and OS&E.

The Project Goal

Organize and execute a strategy to ensure the timely delivery and installation of all items received at the new resort facility to meet the project’s timeline for completion.

The Solution

Working closely with developers to strategically manage all their vendors, NXTPoint Logistics took control of the process at the vendor locations and managed, tracked and negotiated freight costs to the consolidation point in Miami, Florida. All products were consolidated and shipped, as needed, to install in available spaces. NXTPoint Logistics closely monitored the schedule to provide the most cost—and time-effective transportation services. Throughout the entire construction process, our streamlined process allowed the development group to have the correct products when and where they’re needed. Had the developer chosen multiple transportation providers or allowed vendors and contractors to arrange the freight, they would have been unable to capitalize on opportunities for consolidation of freight and volume cost reductions that NXTPoint Logistics negotiated with our carriers. We estimated that the savings in freight costs alone to be in the millions for a project of this size.

Key Services

  • FF&E and OS&E installation
  • Inbound and outbound transportation and installation of construction materials
  • Supplier purchase order management
  • Consolidation in our storage facility with complete inventory control