3 Global Logistics Centers That Are Essential to Your Supply Chain

For freight moving companies, international moving services, manufacturers, and international merchants at any point along the global supply chain, China, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai are the global logistics centers to watch.

1. Growth of contract logistics in China

According to the Journal of Commerce, as part of a vigorous global supply chain, China is expected to show double-digit growth in contract logistics through 2019. This continues a steadily rising trend, which can have great implications for freight moving companies and even international moving services providers in at least two major ways. First, the market for consumer products inside China continues to grow along with the booming middle-class and popularity of online retailing. Second, U.S. and other countries will benefit from China’s growing infrastructure and higher value of service—which has gone beyond mere manufacturing to include design, strategy and other services—elements helping China lead global growth in contract logistics. As players from around the world converge to take advantage of opportunities in China, and as China’s strategic capabilities grow, the required flow of talent to and from the region also presents a unique opportunity for those seeking and providing international moving services.

2. Saudi Arabia growing in global logistics

Saudi Arabia is positioned to become a world leader in transportation and logistics, with daily cargo flows expected to grow from 1M to 2.5M tons a day in the next five years. Factors include land and sea access, with strategic links to key global logistics hubs. Low energy costs, domestic growth, and a stable business environment are other factors making the country one to watch for freight moving companies and other suppliers forming key links in the global supply chain.

3. Dubai, a logistics hub for freight moving companies

Dubai is using streamlined new systems that will make it faster, easier and cheaper for freight moving companies to bring goods through this enhanced “virtual corridor” Dubai’s modern infrastructure makes it a key location for global logistics companies seeking to grab hold of opportunities on the African continent, and may also positively impact international moving services that facilitate the flow of new labor and talent to support these booming businesses.

Growing infrastructure, increased government and private sector investment, and highly favorable climates for international business make all of these centers key links in any global supply chain strategy.

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