3 Ways to Identify a Good Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder Container Crane

Freight forwarders play a vital role making sure goods are transported safely and securely, documentation is complete, and deadlines are met. Whether you’re evaluating household goods moving companies for employee relocation or seeking shipping partners for your products, look for these key characteristics.

1. Their process includes these steps

  • Assign a single point of contact
  • Book cargo space on the preferred method of transportation, whether on a ship, airplane, train or other vehicle
  • Secure insurance
  • Collect and deliver your goods
  • Offer warehouse and distribution services
  • Handle all communication with all entities involved in getting the goods to their destination
  • Maintain responsive communication

2. They have specific freight forwarding expertise and resources

Whether they’re professional movers or commercial transportation providers, the best freight forwarders have wide ranging and well connected global networks which can get you great services at great rates. At the most basic level make sure providers have proper licensing and certifications.

3. They handle all documentation

Freight forwarding paperwork can be complex, and a good freight forwarder will file all necessary paperwork to achieve export or import clearance, and should cover border crossing, customs and in-bound documentation.

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