How Dark Kitchens May Impact Your Supply Chain

Food delivery

While food delivery is nothing new, in the last several years breakout services like Uber Eats and DoorDash have capitalized on what customers want most: convenience. The rise in popularity of food delivery has born a new concept—dark kitchens. Also known as delivery-only restaurants, ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens, dark kitchens meet the demand of a new generation who feeds off food delivery services. While this new trend saves restaurants money, it also creates new challenges, including potential impacts to a restaurant’s supply chain. The concern for restaurants is that some 3PL providers may shy away from meeting the challenges of dark kitchens.

Suddath Senior Vice President of Global Logistics Operations Brad Liddie says, “A trusted provider should be flexible and scalable enough to meet the demands of the marketplace. If your third-party logistics partner acts more as a project manager, then they bring more to the table than transportation and delivery such as staging replacement equipment.”

Read the article in Restaurant Business Magazine Online to see how dark kitchens will continue to change the restaurant industry and Suddath can help keep your supply chain strong.