How Restaurants Are Evolving to Become More Comfortable for Dine-In Customers

Hip restaurant comfortable ffe

Quick serve restaurants have been evolving to meet customers’ growing needs and expectations. For example, do you remember the first time you drove through a dual-lane drive through? You most likely recall the convenience of how smoothly and swiftly the line progressed and how promptly you received your order. Intuitively, customers like things done as quickly as they can without sacrificing quality or feeling rushed.

With the advent of kiosk technology, more restaurant employees can now better dedicate their time to providing the ultimate customer experience. For so many guests, the simple gesture of a greeting can make or break a dining experience. Guest service and attention span studies both show that within minutes people make the decision whether they like something enough to pay attention to it, and whether they are enjoying themselves enough to return.

When you arrive to a restaurant and feel like it’s home – what does that mean exactly? Restaurants have noticed it means many things to different people but overall, it embodies the following:

  • The restaurant is clean
  • Patrons have access to Wi-Fi and power outlets
  • There are areas to entertain children
  • Customers can enjoy a fireplace
  • Flat-screen TVs are available and on

The days of fast-food locations simply being a rest stop on a road trip are long gone. It’s a notion that has long been challenged by the rise of competition from cafes and fast-causal restaurants. The average millennial not only seeks cost savings but an increased aesthetic as well. As a result, quick-serve restaurants have undertaken remodeling efforts designed to keep up with a new generation of consumers.

You may have noticed your local chain is more sophisticated with upgrades such as:

  • Offering table service
  • More upscale variety of menu offerings
  • Modern yet comfortable FF&E
  • Delivery through a service provider

Most customers welcome these developments as they see it as a progression from, “Here’s your order – next!” to, “Here’s your table, relax and enjoy.” Restaurants can embrace their function as a place for studying, networking or simply a place for customers to spend quality time with friends and family. Quick-service restaurants willing to expand their appeal can quickly find themselves with a loyal, happy customer base who will come back time and time again.

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