what is ff&e

What is FF&E and Why Does It Matter?

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment, also known as FF&E, is any piece of furniture, appliance, lighting, store fixture, carpeting, or decorative item that defines the aesthetic of your retail location. FF&E helps set a mood and…

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next international logistics hub

3 Signs that Point to Kazakhstan as the Next International Logistics Hub

Less than three decades since declaring its independence, the Republic of Kazakhstan has experienced significant change in its political climate and economic growth. With new governing bodies, emerging industries and increased recognition among world leaders,…

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3d printing affect future of shipping

How Will 3D Printing Affect the Future of Shipping?

Manufacturers can now use 3D printing to create parts and products without the need of large facilities. Everything from house furnishings, clothing, car parts and electronics can be fabricated out of plastics, metal, ceramic and…

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3pl provider aligned with your team

Is Your Third-Party Logistics Provider Aligned with Your Team? 4 Questions to Find Out

Whether you’re looking for a third-party logistics provider for the first time, out to bid for a new provider, or want to ramp up communication with your current supply chain management partner, it’s important to…

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ways shipping will change soon

5 Ways Shipping Will Change Soon

Freight moving companies transporting goods by sea carry 90% of trade worldwide, and shipping remains a vital and efficient form of transportation. For this reason, the future of shipping has a huge impact on the…

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reduce supply chain costs case study

5 Ways to Reduce Supply Chain Costs and Meet Customer Demand

Analyzing your supply chain cost centers, supply chain vendor management, outsourcing, optimal scheduling, and freight forwarding are five basic ways to reduce general supply chain and supply chain logistics costs. 1. Look at your current…

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ai in retail case study

How to Adapt for Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Every company in the world is searching for innovative and creative ways to keep up with the consumer. We implement and discard new technology at a pace we never have before, all to gain even…

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logistics port workers case study

When to Use Air Freight

While air shipment is typically the most expensive choice for your product, there are some circumstances when it may be the best and even the least expensive of available freight services. There’s a reason why…

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third party logistics case study

4 Questions to Ask Your Third-Party Logistics Provider About Post-Delivery Policies

When vetting a third-party logistics partner, post-delivery may be one of the last things on your mind. While it seems far away, it’s important to understand a 3PL company’s policies before signing a contract to…

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3 Reasons Container Use Is on the Rise

The idea for using standardized containers for the moving and storage of freight was born in 1955 by Malcolm McLean. Since then, the containerization of freight services has been on the rise, in part due to these three…

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