When to Use Air Freight

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While air shipment is typically the most expensive choice for your product, there are some circumstances when it may be the best and even the least expensive of available freight services. There’s a reason why air cargo accounts for almost 35% of trade worldwide. So when should you use air freight?

Time-sensitive deliveries.

It’s 4 p.m. when a piece of equipment essential to the operation of your business breaks down. You need it up by 9 a.m. the next morning to avoid substantial losses. Unfortunately, the parts necessary for repair are two states away.

Using air freight services, it is entirely possible to obtain the needed parts in time. It is important to make sure, however, that the process is managed properly. Air freight requires a freight moving company or freight forwarders that have the ability to track and manage a shipment down to the mile. Without this level of precision, it can end up taking longer, in which case you may wish you’d chosen a less expensive option.

When customs fees make a difference:

You own a start-up company with a small production run and are under time pressure to deliver goods overseas. A sea shipment seems to be the most inexpensive of your available freight services.

Customs and harbor fees in the destination country can quickly drive-up prices. This wouldn’t be a problem if you were shipping thousands of goods. But for a smaller production, the cost difference between sea and air shipment might turn out to be negligible.

Planning to save.

If you don’t have an urgent, time-sensitive need, air freight may be too expensive. You’ll save a lot by planning ahead, and working with a freight moving company that use ground, rail or ocean transportation. But when equipment breaks, promised items are delayed in the factory, or an important demo meeting is pushed up and you need samples right away, talk to your logistics provider or a trusted freight moving company about air freight options.

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