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In today's dynamic business landscape, securing a resilient and seamless logistics supply chain is imperative for maintaining a competitive edge and shielding your business from disruptions. At NXTPoint Logistics, we defy the norm by offering a blend of robust capabilities and unparalleled agility. Our commitment to personalized service ensures that you receive the attention and support you deserve, while our state-of-the-art technology and extensive resources empower your supply chain for optimal performance. Serving a diverse clientele across industries such as technology,, and more, we specialize in a comprehensive array of services, ranging from medical device fulfillment logistics to omnichannel ecommerce support. Experience the NXTPoint difference — where strength meets flexibility, and excellence knows no compromise.


Local Capabilities

Our brand new, state-of-the-art 194K square-foot logistics facility will be operational in January 2025 and is located at 2001 Suddath Park St. in Tampa, FL and centrally located with proximity to major highways (I-4 and I-75), Port Tampa Bay and Tampa International Airport. The warehouse is ideal for high-touch warehousing, distribution and fulfillment services such as Ecommerce. The building has a 36-foot clear height, 33 dock doors, an early-suppression fast-response sprinkler system, and is built on a seven-inch slab which meets 2,000-pound pallet weight industry standards.

If you know that you’ll need our 3PL services in Tampa, just let us know!

Logistics Services in St Petersburg, FL

freight logistics management
Transportation & Freight Management

Transportation and freight management play pivotal roles in the global movement of goods and materials. NXTPoint manages the planning, optimization, and execution to ensure the efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods from manufacturers to consumers.

3pl warehousing distribution
Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment services are the backbone of modern commerce, encompassing the storage, sorting, and timely delivery of products to customers. We manage these integral components, ensuring products are available and swiftly and seamlessly reach their intended destinations.

logistics project management
Logistics Project Management

From décor to digital menu boards, NXTPoint Logistics handles some of America’s largest and most geographically diverse FF&E logistics projects. Our experience allows us to bring you proven industry best practices to reduce risk and avoid costly mistakes.

Final Mile Delivery Services
Final Mile Delivery

We increase our clients’ and their customers’ satisfaction by giving greater visibility into and control over the delivery of over-dimensional, heavy goods including furniture, mattresses, appliances, exercise equipment and electronics.

Why Choose NXTPoint Logistics

Big Company Strength, Small Company Care

Big Company Strength, Small Company Care

At NXTPoint Logistics, we offer the best of both worlds: the agility and personal touch of a local St Petersburg 3PL company coupled with the resources, reliability, advanced technology, and extensive expertise of a major provider. Our approach ensures a no-compromise solution that bolsters and fortifies your supply chain, empowering your business for seamless operations and sustained growth.

Nationwide Capacity, Global Reach

Nationwide Capacity, Global Reach

Benefitting from over 30 owned facilities nationwide and a meticulously curated partner network, we deliver unparalleled consistency, speed, flexibility, and cost savings, catering to your evolving business needs as you venture into new markets and experience growth.

See More, Do More - With Our Innovative Tech

Innovative Technology: More Visibility, More Control

Introducing our cutting-edge, warehouse management technology, meticulously crafted to grant you heightened control over your supply chain, minimizing risk and maximizing performance. With features like real-time warehouse and inventory management, alongside an innovative task management application providing unprecedented visibility from manufacturer to destination, our advanced tools fortify the resilience and efficiency of your supply chain infrastructure.

St Petersburg FL 3PL FAQs

Businesses that provide third-party logistics, an umbrella of offerings often abbreviated to “3PL services,” can offer a range of supply chain/order fulfillment specialties. Companies in need of these services can outsource them to third parties. At NXTPoint Logistics in St. Petersburg, we provide a full spectrum of quality services, including:






This full range of 3PL services allows you to select precisely what you need —  no more and no less. To get more information and/or a customized package that empowers your business, simply reach out to us.

When you think of St. Petersburg, you may not instantly think of a transportation hub, but its airport and highway availability definitely make it a strategic spot for logistics. The St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport is less than ten miles from the center of the city, and Interstate 375 provides ready accessibility. Then there’s St. Petersburg’s railway station and Port St. Pete.


With NXTPoint, you choose which of our third-party logistics services you need, and we’ll create a personalized plan for your business that uses the optimal routes and modalities to get your freight where you need it to go, efficiently and cost-effectively. In short, you can let us know what you need, and our expert team will craft tailored 3PL solutions for you. Let’s talk!

When using 3PL services in St. Petersburg, your company will benefit in numerous ways. Here are just some of them:

Leveraging Niche Specialties

Just as your company focuses on its own core competencies and on being the best in the market, so do we at NXTPoint Logistics. With our 3PL services, you can use your time, energy, and resources to grow your business while our expert teams deliver the 3PL services of choice for you. We’ll leverage our century-plus of experience as we provide professional services in transportation and logistics; regulations, compliance, and customs; documentation; and more.

Saving Money

When you choose NXTPoint Logistics for your 3PL services, you’ll benefit from scalable, cost-effective solutions. We’ll work with our professional network of carriers to negotiate better rates for your business, and, overall, you’ll receive great value at less risk. With our 3PL services in St. Petersburg, there’s plenty that you will not have to pay for: your own infrastructure, technology, and equipment, for example. Managing in-house facilities, such as hiring, training, and retaining employees, is also no longer a worry. Plus, you don’t need to pay to own or rent a  warehouse space. To benefit fully from reduced costs on space, labor, and technology, you can use our shared warehousing options.

Flexibly Scaling

Benefit from your ability to choose exactly the number of resources and help you need. With our third-party logistics services, you can scale back during quieter times with less business activity and scale up when your business is growing. With our support, you can seamlessly grow into new national and international markets, thanks to the in-depth professional network that we’ve strategically created.

Mitigating Risk

Due to our extensive knowledge about the optimal ways to deliver 3PL services, you benefit from reduced risk. We transport freight along established routes with optimized efficiency. Whenever these routes aren’t currently the best choice, we revert to our backup plan that also maximizes resources and mitigates risks. In each case, we leverage our outstanding professional partnerships to help ensure that you get the best 3PL solutions for your specific needs — delivered with risk mitigation embedded throughout for when inventory shortages, transportation issues, or even natural disasters occur.

Providing Technological Visibility

Enjoy transparent insights into your company’s supply chain from end to end through our advanced 3PL technology. Thanks to our 3PL warehouse software, you benefit from up-to-date tracking information without having to spend money to invest in software yourself. These world-class, data-driven insights will allow you to make more informed decisions.

Satisfying Customers

Each of the first five benefits help to drive this sixth (and perhaps most important) benefit. NXTPoint furthers this goal, as we treat customers as they’d like to be treated when we deliver our 3PL services, serving as an extension of your brand.

For more information about how you can benefit from our 3PL services, please connect with us.

We make it easy! Simply connect with us online, providing us with a bit of information about your supply chain and order fulfillment service needs. Then, we can discuss how our company can optimize your business operations. Our experts will be happy to design a customized program for your company that’s targeted to your specific requirements. Our St. Petersburg team is strategically located to provide you with the best possible service, near transportation centers by air, water, or ground. This allows us to provide just the right warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment solutions for your company. Let’s talk about how we can personalize a program for you!


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